Monday, April 27, 2015

Why Do People Immigrate To Canada?

By Merv Carlson

Canadian General Facts According to a study done annually by the UN, Canada has been voted to be the top country worth living in since 1994. Canadian economy has been greatly booming in recent years. The booming economy creates many job opportunities for immigrants with correct education and qualifications.

Because it is a country with the highest quality of living on the planet Canada are one of the wealthiest countries and this situation are getting better every day. Another very important factor which should be considered regarding Canada are the very clean environment which virtually guarantees people a life expectancy of almost 80 per person. Lots and lots of new jobs are created every year and that is exactly why Canada's unemployment rate are on its lowest levels in almost 40 years.

UK citizens are very attracted to Canada Canada is a very popular destination for many UK citizens regardless of the fact that there are a perception that the Canadian immigration rules are some of the strictest in the world. However because of the close ties which exist between the UK and Canada which makes access significantly easier and also because of the high level of living conditions in Canada this has become one of the most popular destinations for many UK citizens. They are a points based system in use which has been adapted in 2003 and all perspective immigrants should get a copy of the system in order to ensure that the will be acceptable as immigrants in Canada. Some of the things which are deemed as very important on this point system is education and your language proficiency especially in English and French.

Beside language and education, people outside Canada will need to state clearly their work history and their ages. Your age plays an important factor in determining whether you will be accepted as an immigrant to Canada or not. They will determine how much you could be able to contribute to the Canadian economy based on your age. Your ability to adapt to the new environment is also considered.

Immigrating to Canada for South Africans It is easier for find a job in Canada for a South African with the right education and qualifications. In Canada, there are many South African who are living comfortably there. Before deciding to move to Canada, make sure you investigate this country thoroughly to understand its living conditions, its job opportunities. Make sure you will be able to get a job there with your education and qualifications.

There are many Canadian employment sites that are excellent sources for employment opportunities. Canada is a large country with many different cultures and demographic areas and therefore it is important to do some research about the various cultural hotspots in Canada before you make a final decision of where you would like to get involved. There are many people that do not find the immigration process easy or satisfactory but then there are many others who has adapted remarkably well and to are contributing extensively to the Canadian economy.

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