Monday, April 27, 2015

Why Gator Hunting In Louisiana Is Popular

By Stella Gay

Harvesting of wild animals has become part of us ever since we came into existence. It is for this reason that they engage in the activity to supplement the food crops they grow in their farms. The reasons for harvesting vary depending on the needs of the hunter. Sometimes the hunter wants to convert it into a meal or to use some parts of their body such as the hides to make money. One way to do that is through gator hunting in Louisiana.

It is quite evident that the skin from the alligator has been used to make leather products. The skin or hide makes one of the best leather products which stand out from among the rest. A person who has used clothing from the leather can attest to the fact that it is nothing but quality stuff.

In Louisiana, the local government authority has made it legal for individuals who are interested in the practice. It is only individuals who own wetland areas in order to qualify for the harvest tags. This kind of environment is perceived to be conducive enough to sustain the livelihood of the animal. The person should be able to prove that the land in question belongs to them genuinely before they can obtain the permit.

Residents have an added advantage due to the fact that they can obtain the licenses cheaply. Unlike the nonresidents who may involve the help of the licensed hunter. This kind of procedure is most applicable when engaging in the activity as a form of sport. They cannot engage in it without the supervision of the licensed hunter.

There are specific equipment used when hunting these animals. They include the hook and line, bow and arrow and firearms. When we talk of firearms, we need to note that use of shot guns is prohibited. According to the wildlife and fisheries department have nominated the hook and line as the best method for hunting the animals.

Once the hunter has harvested the animal, they are advised to keep the hide in a cool and dry place so that some contaminants cannot interfere with them. The contaminants may be in the form of gasoline or oil. These contaminants contribute a great deal in lowering of the value in the hide or at times make the animal worthless.

The government authority has organized a plan through which they can organize for the activity so that those who want to participate in it can take full advantage of the calendar that has been provided. It clearly states that every first Wednesday of September of each year throughout the month is most appropriate. They can get CITES tags which act as licenses for the activity. If a person defies this order, they may face prosecution.

All in all, it is important to acknowledge the fact that the area recognizes the activity because of the benefits they accrue. Some of the hunters use part of the proceeds they get from selling their hides in supporting themselves. On top of that, the both residents and nonresidents need to find out how much they require before they can obtain their licenses from the wildlife and fisheries department of Louisiana.

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