Thursday, April 2, 2015

You Will Love Your Shark Fishing Cape Cod Holiday

By Iva Cannon

There are over four hundred and forty different species of shark and they can then be further classified into eight different orders. Many of them are rather small while others can be quite large. They are fascinating creatures and it is no wonder that so many people love to do the sort of shark fishing Cape Cod offers.

This is a beautiful peninsula in the North-eastern United States that sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean. It has many wonderful beaches and during the summer months it is a very popular tourist destination. Two of the closest well known islands are Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. In order to get to these islands a ferry needs to be boarded.

They offer a twelve hour outing for only $1550.00 starting at four in the morning and ending at four in the afternoon. This is mainly for the shark excursions and they normally stop off at Monomoy and Nantucket to collect live and fresh bait. Fishing with live bait can attract Blue Sharks as well as Thresher sharks and Mako.

Many people like to go out on these boats just to witness the arial acrobatics that the sharks perform once they have been hooked. In some cases Blue Sharks have even come up from under the boat and taken bait out of people's hands. Many have reported seeing dolphins as well as Finn back Whales and Humpback whales as well. It is truly an awesome thing to experience leaving the image in one's mind for many years to come.

On many occasions on the way home from a hard days fishing countless people have reported seeing grey seals playing in the sea and sunbathing on shore. A lucky few have even witnessed some sharks feeding on them as well. For the soft at heart it could be upsetting to see the sharks toss the seals into the air playing with them before having their meal.

Their boat is a thirty five foot Duffy and is custom made especially for fishing in deeper waters. The engine is four hundred and ninety horsepower and the top cruising speed is twenty knots. The cabin has been fitted with very comfortable bunks and there is plenty of seating in the wheel house. There is also place below deck where Giant Bluefin Tuna as well as Shark can be kept.

They guarantee a catch each trip they make but that depends on the month. Cod, Haddock as well as Monk, Halibut, Wolf and Pollack can be caught during March to November where as Shark is more prone to be caught during June to October months. The Giant Bluefin Tuna is easier to catch during July to November and the medium Tuna during June to November. If one wishes to catch Striped Bass and Bluefish the best time would be from June to October.

It is recommended that one brings some short waterproof boots but during March, April and May they need to be warm. Some or other boat shoes should be bought with during the warmer months as well as coolers with ice and plastic bags. Also pack whatever one is likely to eat and drink as well as cameras and don't forget the sun glasses.

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