Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Advantages Of Baby Swimming Lessons In West Chester, PA

By Joanna Walsh

When kids are taught how to swim at a young age, they develop confidence and become good swimmers with time. There are swim classes for babies in different ages. Every baby has a great potential of becoming a good swimmer as long as they learn the skills needed to become one. Experts say that babies usually have a natural reflex of closing their epiglottis when they are under water but if they do not go through swimming instructions they will forget this natural skill. You can attend baby swimming lessons along with your kid in West Chester, PA to help them develop swim skills.

The classes are usually in a series of thirty minutes where as a parent you will be actively involved. The instructors teach you and in turn you teach your child how to swim. The classes are usually divided into three different age groups usually between there and twelve months, one to two years and two to three years. We are patient with the baby and take them through all the steps until they have mastered the skill.

There are three main steps that the child will pass through in the classes. The steps usually take time and babies can proceed to the subsequent step after mastering the skills in that step. The primary step entails basic skills where kids are taught to get used to the water environment and manage balance and movements. There are also taught how to submerge in water and basic breath control processes. Moreover, they are taught how to float and jump into the pool.

Step two is more advanced than step one and a bit technical since it involves developing breath control where they are taught to hold their breath and blow bubbles through the mouth. They also learn how to submerge and move in the water on their own. Moreover, the step involves unassisted jumping in and floatation independent submersion

The third step is where the babies learn to take full control of their breaths where they blow bubbles through the nose and mouth. In addition, they learn to kick independently, paddle and rotate. In this last step, they will acquire basic water confidence and safety measures they need to take.

Baby swimming classes provide both social and physical benefits. Socially, it strengthens the bond between you and your child as you teach them how to swim. Moreover, since there will be other parents teaching their kids how to swim, your child will meet with other babies and interacts with them. The classes also enable babies to exercise their muscles and improve their balance and body coordination.

Babies also learn cognitive skills from the swimming classes. It improves their memory since there are symbols and gestures that are introduced during the program. The confidence of the babies is improved through the classes as they learn difficult things like floating on water that take time. With time, their fear for water reduces and they become good swimmers.

In conclusion, you should consider taking your baby for swim classes as early as possible. The skills they get will help them not only to swim but also in their later life. They may also develop a strong liking for swimming and end up becoming great swimmers and take part in competitions.

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