Thursday, May 28, 2015

Budget Tips In Booking For Manuel Antonio Hotels

By Ericka Marsh

Going on a vacation is never complete when you do not book for your accommodations. However, accommodations like Manuel Antonio hotels can be very expensive if you do not book smart. Thus, you must learn of some budget tips for smart booking. Here are some of those budget tips that can help cut your accommodation cost.

First, you have to be smart and ask for the best price of several inns. Nowadays, it should be possible for you to get the best prices through email. No need to call around just to obtain the best price which you need to know. The inns will reply to you with their best prices at the soonest time possible, like as soon as they read your email.

Booking for the accommodation directly with the chosen hotel is cheaper than if you use a middleman. Using a hotel-booking website or room-finding service just to get the best accommodation one can have will be a bit expensive. After all, you will be burdened with the additional cost for the commissions of these services.

You can wrangle some discounts when you are staying at this place longer. When staying for several nights at this place, you can usually get a discount that can lower the price you have to pay. The same discount may be applied when you are paying for your stay in cold cash instead of in credit card where the place needs to pay for processing fees.

You might be booking on an off-season. If that is the case, then you might be qualified to avail of an off-season discount. The prices will usually be lower when there is no festivals or other holidays for that month. You should try to haggle when you are booking off-season since that can cut down on the accommodation cost significantly.

Expect the smaller hostels to be significantly cheaper compared to the bigger ones. This is mainly due to the fact that smaller hostels have lower taxes to pay. This means they can afford to lower their room rates. On the other hand, big hostels have higher taxes. The taxes will then be passed on to the clients.

You must avoid consuming above your needs. It would be a good idea for you to stay away from amenities such as elevator, private shower, room service, air-conditioning, or all-day long reception desk when you really do not need them. These are services that can really increase the cost you need to pay significantly.

Try to put more people in the room. Especially when you are traveling with your family, you can see that family rooms are more common for you to avail and you can put more people in there. The bigger the rooms are, the cheaper it will be for you and your group. Consider this option when traveling in groups.

You might have some outside business you are looking forward to. If this is the case, then one better avoid doing the outside business with the hotel. You will only be paying an expensive rate when you do that. Better go out and do this outside business on your own instead of through the hotel.

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