Friday, May 1, 2015

Discover Ways On How To Pet A Tiger

By Alta Alexander

It is usually out of the norm to find an individual having a tiger as a pet, this is because despite the fact that the tiger is an exaggerated oversize cat it is a huge deviation from the norm in the society but the deviation does not stop the owner from seeing the beauty that it has and him or she wanting to pet a tiger.

Having a tiger for a pet is a blessing in disguise; this is because the animal is basically a cat and a dog combined, this is able to happen because the tiger has the behavior of both a cat and a dog both at the same time. It is an intelligent pet thus has the ability to act as a cat since it is its nature and also has the ability to behave like a dog thus the owner has the advantage of having two pets in one body.

The tiger by nature is a very territorial animal, this is just an instinct it gains from birth and enhances it as time goes by. If they are brought up and trained to act like a dog they usually are known to be very good guard animals whereby they guard their territory with such vigor that no human can match up to its strength and only a fellow tiger can be competitive enough.

When they have been taken in as pets they never lose their killer instinct since this instinct is something that they were born with and they cannot change it instead they only minimize it since they do not have to use it to hunt or survive because their needs have been catered for in captivity.

By nature tigers are loners, they do not really need companions. This loner trait is not only observed in the wild but also when the tiger has been brought in as a pet; this is seen when another animal is brought in for them as company. They fight and eventually kills them and at times they even kill animals they once played with while they were little. Tigers only come into contact with other tigers only when mating or fighting for territory.

Tigers are very expensive animals to maintain since they do not feed on regular cat food and are also known to down a whole cow in two sittings. This makes it really hard for the owners to maintain it since they also have to purchase supplements for it so that its health is at its peak.

Tigers are solitary animals and in captivity they still do not like so much company they trust only very few individuals in most cases only two people and in case they are not present to feed them they will not take food from strangers thus they starve until the person they trust feeds them and in case they are not present they starve to death.

While in captivity tigers are supposed to be trained how to hunt on their own so that if they are ever released to the wild they can depend on their own skill since they are known to hunt human beings because we form an easy target.

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