Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Memorable Antarctic Cruises From Ushuaia

By Tammie Caldwell

Over time, the way people vacation has changed drastically. Sure, there are still those who like to sit by a pool and soak up the sun, but others really want to see the beauty that the world offers. This is probably thanks to the Internet, which has provided users with glimpses of these remote areas. One such area is in South America and will provide an unforgettable experience, especially on Antarctic cruises from Ushuaia, Argentina.

While every city has its own type of beauty, nothing can compare to Ushuaia. For one thing, it's the most southernmost city in the world, and there aren't many that can boast this type of location. What's more is that it is bound by a beautiful mountain range to the north, and to the south, by the Beagle Channel. Certainly, there are some settlements in Chile that are located slightly farther to the south, but they can't offer what the city can.

Being close to the Antarctic as it is, it's strange that it's not a very particularly cold city. However, it's important to keep in mind that it's summers are in January, thus having its warmest temperatures around that time, and July is known to be its coldest month. At the same time, oddly enough, it's a quite humid area. Winter brings on rain showers and snowfalls, while summers are usually windy and cloudy.

What's wonderful about the southern latitude is that it provides plenty of daylight hours. For instance, in summer, one can expect approximately 17 hours of daylight, while winter has only seven hours. Furthermore, being a major tourist destination, it has lots to offer its local and international tourists.

There are cruises that take them to numerous Antarctic islands, like the South Shetland Islands and the South Sandwich Islands. The port is also synonymous with scientific expeditions as well. This commercial pier is the point of departure for these and vacation cruises such as to the Falkland Islands.

In the past, Ushuaia was actually a penal colony specific to both dangerous offenders as well as real offenders. This prison has now turned into a museum that's open to the public, just one more thing for tourists to take in, aside from the raw natural beauty, like its beautiful bays and majestic glaciers. Of course, there are also the most beautiful and memorable sunsets just waiting to be experienced.

While this is the place where one's trip can begin, it will be one that will bring memories that last a lifetime. It goes far beyond any expectations tourists may have. While the cruise ships are loaded with all the latest amenities and are treated to exceptional service, the places they visit are priceless they are loaded with impressive wildlife, possibly filled with thousands of penguins, and icebergs of every form.

Travel enthusiasts that have visited the Caribbean should know that it's nothing like that at all. For one thing, the itinerary is based upon the weather conditions. Sometimes, things can get choppy and alternative destinations are necessary. For the most part, there are calmer destinations like the Antarctic Peninsula and Hope Bay. Furthermore, people need to pack properly for such a vacation. First off, they need to be dressed in a waterproof clothing, almost from head to toe, and they must pack at least a couple of pairs of thermal underwear.

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