Friday, May 15, 2015

Planning For Shark Fishing Cape Cod From The Shore

By Tammie Caldwell

People do not know that Cape Cod beaches are a home of various kinds of sharks. Sharks tend to move closer to the shorelines at night. Thorough preparation is needed before the actual operation. Only courageous take part in fishing for sharks because it is very dangerous. In setting up for shark fishing Cape Cod, the following is required;

People locating areas from where hooking up of the sharks could be easy. In Hyannis Barnstable ma it is where the waters are warmest. Sharks like the blue ones are caught in these areas while fishing for the blue fin tuna for food. Sharks get caught at least 8 miles from the shore. Inlets are best places to fish for sharks. This is because inlets have running water which carries plenty of food attracting sharks. Sharks could get hooked up easily from these areas.

It should also be known that some of the preys are not let out of the water after being hooked up. These are the brown sharks which are also called as the thick skin sharks. They are highly protected because they were targeted by commercial fishermen due to their large fins. In Hyannis Barnstable ma Cape Cod this followed to the latter and could into serious problems for letting this species of sharks out of the water.

The bait is very important when fishing. Sharks love live baits which could be porgies or bluefish. They could either be fished or bought from the shops. Fresh dead bait could also be used when there are challenges of getting live ones. Fishing for sharks without bait is useless. This is because it is bait that attracts sharks closer to where the people who are fishing are.

Time of kicking off the operation is also very important. One should decide whether to fish during the day or the night time. It is advised that those interested in fishing sharks for the first time to do it at night. It is much easier since the waters are calm and the winds are light. This would make ones experience the best.

Tides are significant in angling for sharks. People fishing should know the type of tides they want to work in. Slack tides are the considered the best. They are easier to fish in. Type of type to fish in should mostly be considered by people fishing on the Cape Cod inlets. This could be so because at this location tides tend to rise very quickly and could make fishing difficult.

The equipment and gears should be part of the plan. The people who intend to fish need to train thoroughly before using them. If not used as they are supposed to thing could go wrong putting them in danger. Experts and those with experience in using them are the ones to be allowed to use them in fishing for sharks.

In the setting up fishing people need to strategize everything well. They need to look at their plans at different angles that are including the challenges of using a plan. In the city of Hyannis Barnstable ma the fishing of sharks is not something new. The people there know the entire rule for fishing sharks and their dangers so they do it at their own free will.

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