Friday, May 15, 2015

Reasons Why It Is Necessary To Have Hotel Discounts

By Tammie Caldwell

Before reaching the consumer a good or services has to go through a series of organizations, individuals, information and resources that transform it from raw product to actual consumer goods or services. Any reduction in the set basic price at any stage of this transition is called a discount. In a hotel setting there are both goods and services offered and this means that like any other business, hotel discounts are bound to happen.

An establishment offering lodging, guest services and meals is referred to as a hotel, but to fully attain this name, the establishment in question must contain a minimum of six letting bedrooms. At least half of this should come with private bathroom facilities. It should also have a restaurant section for food and this automatically is accompanied by a kitchen. For this reason the industry offers both goods and services directly to the consumer.

A hotel may offer a discount to clear out of date and unwanted stock in their stores. Since hotels serve various kinds of food every day, they are forced to purchase the ingredients in bulk. Food in the store may go bad or expire and this would result to high losses. To curb this problem, a discount is imposed on certain foods. This will make the consumption of these types of food increase and therefore the supplies in the stores will be exhausted easily.

A hotel may offer a discount to launch a new product they have. This will make it more appealing to try out. While doing this they can collect important data about the product and learn how they can improve it. They can also learn if their customers are ready for the new product or not even before going all in.

The management may offer price cuts to reward valuable customers. These are the people who matter the most to the business and special discounts can be tailored to meet their needs. They do this in a bid to keep this valuable people on board. The idea is if they are treated well there they will not have to look for somewhere else to spend their money.

A new establishment wants to make new customers fast. They offer discounts on products to lure them into their circle. This is because people will run towards the cheaper option. The management then decides what kind of discount will be imposed and the duration it will span. This tactic allows the business to thrive in a new environment.

New leadership taking up the management of the hotel can be a reason to offer a discount. This shows the customers that you as the management are willing to change things around. Especially if the outgoing management was incompetent. Offering a discount helps you start over and even make new customers.

In the festive seasons, the hospitality industry is usually blooming since every human being wants to go for holiday. The competition becomes very steep and hotels have to come up with well thought through discounts to be able to have a share of this pie. Discounts in business have always been there and they will continue becoming popular this is because human beings are easily swayed towards the cheap.

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