Friday, May 15, 2015

Summer Activities In Sylvan Lake

By Merv Carlson

Everyone's looking forward to the summer season, when the days are longer, the weather is hot, being the perfect time to take a few days off and travel a bit. But when you're thinking about the summer season, you're thinking about ways to get fit for summer as well. Take advantage of the warmer weather, after a dreadful winter, and try to get fit outdoors. There are some activities that can help you lose a few pounds and that also give you the possibility to enjoy a short vacation.

Getting shape for the summer is important whether you are planning for a short or long holidays. If you combine joining outdoor activities with having balanced diets, you can definitely have fun while getting into shape. Joining outdoor activities in summer is much more exciting than simply going to the gym. Summer is fun. You just need to find a travel location that has beaches, natural attractions and the possibility to practice sports.

One of these places is to be discovered among Central Alberta's lakes, Sylvan Lake. If you're living nearby, you can take a one day trip, but if you're coming from afar, you can stay in a rental unit or local hotel. Nature lovers have the possibility to camp in Sylvan Lake's provincial parks as well. Known for its winter fun and appealing summer activities, it's the perfect destination no matter the season. But with summer coming up and our need to get in shape for it, you have to explore Sylvan Lake's tourism services.

Exciting water sports are the main reason attracting tourists to Sylvan Lake in summer. Renting paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, jet skis and boats is easy in this region. The water sports are all fun; but if the temperature is low, you could try flyboarding instead of waterskiiing. This sport uses a jet pack and a wakeboard which will bring unforgettable moments for fearless players. If you're not a fan of thrilling water sports, then you can go for activities such as swimming, fishing, building sand castles with your kids.

Another popular tourist activity, this time on land, is hiking and nature exploring. There are various trails that can be followed, from beginners' trails to day trails and difficult routes. The most impressive route is considered the one around the lake, perfect for beginners.

Golf lovers will be happy to know Sylvan Lake has gorgeous golf courses. There are some very well-liked golf clubs in Sylvan Lake; some of which are Meadowlands Golf Club, Top O' the Hill Golf Course. Playing golf is a great way of relaxing and getting closer to the nature.

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