Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Importance Of Bicycle Tune Up

By Tammie Caldwell

It is true that modern bikes are versatile and offer lots of options for transportation, recreation, fitness, employment and even for competition in Cincinnati OH. Owning a cool gear is one of the major perks to being a cyclist. There are many health benefits that anyone can get from cycling. It is helpful for cardiovascular functioning, leg strength, balance, coordination and improvements in mood. Biking also help with the proper weight management.

Before heading the road, make sure to spend time checking your bike. You may consider taking helpful bicycle tune up tips and proper maintenance to ensure a great experience, efficient ride of the season. Before you think about spinning your bike around, make sure to give through tune up.

First thing to do is to clean your bike. A clean bicycle can extend the life span of all components, just as clean car lasts longer. In order to perform this, you can use a basic biodegradable cleaner, a towel and a old toothbrush to clean everything such as the chain, frame, , seat, pedals, brakes and more. Make an effort to use a little water as possible. Applying grease is also better to last longer the oil which dries out faster and act as a barrier against rust in the seat tube.

It is important to check your brakes. As you can see, brakes are not only important for bikes, but for all types of vehicle. They are crucial components because they ca control the speed of any driver or cyclist as they travel. This way, accidents can be avoided. Brakes can also control any cyclist to maneuver while riding up and down and turning and avoiding obstacles and debris.

Check the wheels or rims as well. The rims may hold your tires in place and provide stability and smoothness whilst riding. It is impossible for the bike to move around without the wheels, as they allow consistent contacts between the tires and the road surface. Cleaning the rims by rubbing alcohol and dry cloth must be done. Check the wheels for potential dents, nicks, scrapes and other damage.

Fourth, inspect the drivetrain. The drivetrain of a bike includes the chain, pedals, chain ring and ear wheel cassette. The drivetrain is vital because it transfers the power generated by cyclist to the rear rim. This transfer a power that provides the force power that let the bike moves.

You may also check the tires. It is always important for the tires to be fitted around the rims to protect and improve their pe4rformance and functions. They also offer a source of friction with the ground and allow the travel time over certain surfaces such as pavement, dirt and gravel. It also adds flexible cushions that makes your travel a comfortable one.

It is also important to check the cables. These cables are usually made of coiled metal wires that surround the plastic housing. Cables are also connected to the shifters and brakes on the handle bars to the brake pads. Cables are usually connected to the shifter that assist the movements of the chain from gear to gear.

Finally, add lubricant. Oil lubricants coat the chain and other parts of the drivetrain. It helps them to last for a certain time and work efficiently. Lube reduces accumulation of grime and dirt, which helps increase the function and performance of all moving parts.

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