Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Role Of Golf Fitness Programs

By Toni Vang

Many factors have an impact on the quality of game that any golf player displays. Some think that bad performance is brought about by use of bad equipment and balls but this is not the case. Study has shown that the condition of physical health of player have a major influence of how they perform. Efforts have been put in place to ensure all players are in good health before participating in any competitions. This has been achieved by advising golfers to take part in golf fitness programs.

There are different packages of trainings that have been crafted and found ideal for different classes of players. Beginners are placed in a similar group that is separate from those who have been participating. Different levels of training events take place for these groups and the time allocated to the groups vary. There are also training activities that are specifically designed for kids making them suitable to play the game.

The programs are mainly offered at golf clubs in the city of Ontario, CA where many players have registered. Highly trained personnel are employed in this place to coach the players through different flexing activating. Some activities are done from closed chambers while others require to be performed in the playgrounds. Members of these clubs register for different programs that will help boost their field performance.

The exercises begin with light activities that are done to make the body parts more flexible. Participants are require to perform some hill walk regularly preferably three times in a week. This makes the legs strong and also gaining stability which is crucial. Squatting is introduced at this stage where the player is given a time frame to hit a given number of squats. This activity helps in development of stamina.

Hands need to be strong and have the necessary energy to swing the clubs. This therefore requires the golfers to be taken through a series of overhead wall squats. This involves a person swinging using the hands and rising several times without touching the ground. This is usually done in advanced stages. Starters are introduced to rubber bands or springs which they are required to pull them apart several times.

There is a gym session that all participants should go through. The trainer advices the correct amount of weights any player should lift depending on their physical strengths. Normally light weights are preferred since the reason for doing this is making muscles flexible and not building of huge biceps.

Golfers are expected to perform some physical practices on daily basis to uphold good health. This can be done by ensuring they run, walk or cycle through some distance every morning. The coach also performs some guidance on movement of the waist that is mostly subject to abrupt movements.

It is important to participate in the fitness exercises. This makes the body always fit to play any match and maintaining consistency in performance. This is a very helpful program to all golfers all over the world.

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