Saturday, May 23, 2015

Tips In Making A Good Experience Out Of Spiritual Journeys

By Winifred Christensen

Most of the holy places these days are now open to the public. People now visit these holy places so that they can connect with their inner self. It is through these spiritual journeys that they are allowed to embody pure spirituality. People should go on one. When they plan on this journey, here are a few simple tips to remember for that.

First, pay attention to the temple offerings. It would be good for you to have an idea on what the best temple offering would be for that holy place or what possible choices you have. Simple offerings can be flowers or garlands. More extravagant ones like money or milk can also be given to the temple as an offering.

Depending on where you are going, you might be asked to remove your sandals or shoes. If you are going to a temple that will require you to remove your sandals or shoes, it might be appropriate for you to think about wearing footwear that can be easily removed to avoid too much hassle. Avoid wearing heels to the journey as well.

It is a standard for holy places to be serene and quiet. Nevertheless, you cannot avoid temples that are chaotic. There are temples that are loud because of people screaming, babies crying, or even the loud bells. If you want to avoid the noise in that place, then you just have to purchase quality ear plugs.

Mediate in the temple properly. When it comes to mediating, there is no need to force yourself to be in the middle of this temple or right at the front when these places are too noisy for you to keep to yourself. To mediate properly, you need to find a quiet corner or comfortable spot to stay in where you are not disturbed.

Look right inward. This experience should be spent as a time for you to see inward. You have to make this as inward as you can. You should stop looking at your surrounding, no matter how chaotic it is. These distractions should not take away your attention to what is important during this journey. Keep your eyes close to have an inward experience.

Wear the right clothes appropriate for this journey. There are nice clothes you can wear to the temple. Of course, nice clothes does not have to be trendy or celebrity-style. The traditional clean clothes that are suitable and comfortable for visiting temples should be the best choice to have when it comes to clothes you can wear.

For those people visiting a temple for the first time, you have to get yourself a copy of this temple's guide. It is through the guide that you can allow yourself to have an understanding of the temple's history. You can skip on long lines for this as well. Special features regarding the temple might be known to you as well.

Prepare for your accommodation beforehand. You should consider one that is close to the temple that you are planning to visit. The good thing about having an accommodation close to the temple is that you can feel the spiritual aura all day long. This would surely make your experience deeper and long lasting.

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