Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What To Know Regarding Travel Agent Jobs

By Tammie Caldwell

Most people like to travel. Some even enjoy the process of planning out the adventure. For those who do not like the stress and pressure of planning out a trip from start to finish, travel agency services can be of aid. People who work in these businesses, public or private, provide tourism and travel services to the general public. They work on behalf of their suppliers, which may include package tours, airlines, cruise lines, hotels and railways. People wanting to enter the industry will find that travel agent jobs are available worldwide.

Many travel agencies services regular tourists. They might also be assigned to working closely with business travelers. In fact, some of these agencies specialize in business only. Each agency is different. These may also act as general sales agents for international travel companies, which permits them to have offices in places outside of their headquarters.

Agencies of today were first established around the second portion of the nineteenth century. It was a man named Thomas Cook who led the way, developing a package tour and establishing agencies that worked closely with Midland Railway. Of course the industry started to grow once traveling was more affordable and accessible. Commercial aviation became more commonplace during the 1920s and was a time when this industry also saw more success.

As the name suggests, these businesses and the people who work for them are mostly involved with being agents. They sell services and products on behalf of a specific supplier. They do not keep stock on hand. If a ticket or package is purchased, it is only done if the customer requests it. This is then supplied to the agency at a discounted cost. Profit, or commission, is the difference between the price assigned to the customer and the discounted cost supplied to agents.

People who have interest in this position should be good at selling. After all, their pay depends upon their ability to convince clients to make a purchase. The higher the sale, the more potential profit one is expected to make. Details of commission set up may differ by company. Airlines no longer offer commission to agencies, so there may be set ups in place regarding premium or flat fee that is issued for each sale.

In many places, people who sell these tickets and packages are expected to have a license to work as agents. They may be employed by companies or serve as freelance agents. Either way, there has been some decrease in job availability because of the Internet and how easy it makes planning trips. Still, a lot more people are starting to travel, which balances out the decline.

It may take some time for people to be successful in this career. Luckily there are numerous classes and programs that offer training and education about this position. Those interested in working for a company are encouraged to find out the specifics of the services offered, as well as the salary and pay rate. Freelance agents should strive to make a name for themselves and work hard to establish a reliable clientele.

Agency services are a popular choice for a lot of reasons. These professionals can provide good discounts to clients. They can also ensure that people have all the necessary travel, lodging and other accommodations set in place before a trip. This may offer people with relief from the stress and pressure that often comes with planning trips.

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