Sunday, May 3, 2015

Why The Mount Everest Expedition Would Be A Lifetime Experience

By Alta Alexander

You might be wondering how you can get to the highest mountain in the world with 8844 meters above sea level. It is place covered with snow all year round from 6000 meters and above. It is a sacred place for the Nepalese and Tibetans. In this article, we want to look at how to prepare for Mount Everest Expedition adequately to get the best out of the journey.

It is first important to understand that this is a holy grail among the climbers across the world. But it takes you to be a well-trained mountain climber for you to climb the tallest mountain in the globe. However, you can still enjoy the experience and its stunning beauty without climbing it. The region offers a number of opportunities for tourists who desire to experience the majesty of Mt Everest without climbing it to the top.

There is a cluster of towns in Shigatse valley where visitors can get their basic needs. It is important to carry warm clothes, hiking shoes, a camera, and rainproof coats. If you want to camp, you should not forget camping gear and bag that contains foods. You will visit the Monastery and base camps to take videos and pictures to remember the auspicious moments.

If you want to have an aerial view of the area, you need to book a flight that will fly you over the Himalayas and the Everest Mountain. When you are on the plane, you can watch the beauty and splendor from the comfort of your seat. Most people visit the area through the Shigatse valley. This is a valley that has many towns situated at the base of the mountain. It is a place where you will be able to see ancient ruins, natural hot springs, and colorful markets.

From Shigatse valley, you can hike to Rongbuk Monastery, which is a 48 mile distance. The distance may not be short, but it is an easier stretch compared to climbing to the top. Most individuals can always handle this journey. When you are at Shigatse valley at a small fee, you will get a tour guide to the Monastery. When you reach the monastery there, you will have the best view on the Mountain and there are also hostels where you will rest for the night.

From the monastery, you can proceed six miles to base camp. Base camp is 17000 above sea level and would not be suitable for those with altitude sickness. Mountaineers consider base camp the starting point of climbing the mountain.

This is an area that receives many people throughout the year; some come to conquer the highest point on earth others come to see its beauty and magnificence. Mount Everest is situated at the border of Tibet, China and Nepal and it a destination for acclimatized and fit mountaineers.

The area is suitable for photography, hiking, camping and mountain climbing. On the northern slope is China and on the southern slope is Nepal. It is always cold with temperatures below Zero throughout the year, but there are strong winds that make it even more freezing for visitors.

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