Monday, June 1, 2015

Disappear To Another World When You Experience Adventures At A Haida Gwaii Lodge

By Ericka Marsh

When the pressures of work and daily life grind you down, you simply want to disappear to someplace magical. When your spirit craves an adventure, and you want to have a wonderful place to stay while you learn to feel alive again, there is a place waiting for you. A remote, yet accessible archipelago sits just west of British Columbia. It is surrounded by Pacific Ocean on the west and Hecate Strait toward the east. It is a rugged place, but its shorelines have lured the best fishermen, artists and explorers for hundreds of years.

There are comfortable lodgings available once you have arrived among the islands. You will need to fly or take a ferry from Prince Rupert or Vancouver. These are the major gateways to visit, but there are also many marinas that cater to vessels owned privately. One highly popular vacation includes staying at a local haida gwaii lodge where every necessity and amenity is provided before your arrival. Many of these attract sports fishermen who will try their hand at reeling in some of the most delicious salmon anywhere. It is common for the lodges to have someone who is skilled to prepare the catch of the day for dinner that night.

The adventures that entice sportsmen to simply arrive for adventures with every bit of equipment ready to go, including necessary gear and clothing for any season, are a big draw. You simply need to make your reservations and turn up on the arrival day, as your meals, entertainment and transportation each day are all set. You spend your days pursuing your activity and your nights in good company with fine food and relaxed entertainment.

Artists around the world gather to study the Haida carvings and paintings. Their distinctive colors and graphic designs are famous to students and teachers. They are discovered anew in classrooms because the artwork subjects are animals, fish and birds native to the area. More important is their role in story telling, as the people have told the old stories for generations, keeping their cultural history alive with each new group of youngsters.

Scientists think this land is filled with organisms that benefit from its volcanic waters. Naturalists come to see the wide diversity of organisms that exist there. It is thought that the extravagant variety was spared from the cold of the Ice Age, which explains why so many birds and animals that currently live on the mainland also live there.

Historians visit to understand the ties between the British rule of the formerly named Queen Charlotte's Islands until the emergence of the ancient name for the Islands of the People. The island architecture in the larger towns still reflect the era when Great Britain was sovereign here. There are two distinct flavors that coexist, including the colonial past and the ancient traditions of the original Haida communities. These two cultures welcome guests to linger in local lodges and embrace what is available from both.

The photo opportunities here rival any on earth. From up close views of tiny organisms floating in the water to broad vistas above it, there is a scene to capture the imagination of every photographer.

To calm the senses and invigorate the adventurous, this archipelago of ancient cultures and current beauty is an excellent choice for lodging. It may take a day or two to relax into the escape you are seeking, but once you embrace this land of time past, you can create wonderful memories for the future.

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