Monday, June 15, 2015

If Planning To Purchase Motorhomes For Sale Ontario Buyers Should Follow These Tips

By April Briggs

Avid campers and outdoor enthusiasts who like to travel appreciate the convenience and comfort a motorhome or RV can provide them on their adventures. Fairly expensive, even second-hand, it's very important to know that the recreational vehicle one purchases will stand up to several years of use and not constantly require repairs. By keeping these points in mind when buying motorhomes for sale Ontario consumers in Hamilton have a better chance of making a wise purchase.

Before agreeing to buy any camper that is being sold in used condition it's recommended to bring it to a licensed mechanic who can thoroughly evaluate it and spot any signs of potential problems. Weighing the motorhome while empty to verify that its weight matches the curb weight given in the registration, filling all tanks with water to check for leaks, ensuring that the engine does not overheat, the tire treads are evenly worn, the engine and steering system are not leaking, and the chassis has little or no rust.

When it comes to the exterior of the recreational vehicle, it's important that the following items be checked by either the prospective buyer or the mechanic. One of them most serious things to watch out for is evidence of previous repairs in the plating, because this can make the vehicle less safe. Furthermore, the doors, vents, and windows must work well, there should be no rust spots, and the roof needs to be kept clean.

In terms of the motorhome's interior, there should not be a stale scent to the air, leakage in the walls, malfunctioning or broken components such as cabinets, locks, windows, hinges, or mold growth. Floors and walls must feel solid and dry when touched.

Each room has its own features which prospective buyers need to carefully evaluate. In the bathroom, one must make sure there are no cracks in the shower, caulking is intact, and that the joints of all fixtures are sound. The floor must not appear swollen, since this can indicate a leak. The toilet, sink, and shower must drain properly, and all pipes must be intact.

In the kitchen, one must make sure the fridge and stove are fully functional, that drains and taps work correctly, pipes show no signs of leaking, and that the floor is sound with no signs of swelling or buckling. It is a very costly and time-consuming repair to replace a motorhome floor, which should be avoided if possible.

Other items of concern to a prospective motorhome buyer should include the condition of components such as the water pump, boiler, generator, air conditioner, solar panels, awnings, wastewater disposal system, and electrical workings. Consulting an expert is the best choice if the buyer doesn't trust his or her own judgment in these matters.

As with any other motorized vehicle, it is imperative to take the motorhome out for a test drive to accurately assess its handling, performance, and capacity. The best way to really get a feel for how it runs is to load it up, and drive for at least two hours if possible. If there are any strange noises or movements these will need to be investigated by a mechanic.

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