Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Key Largo Hotels For Beach Holidays In The Florida Keys

By April Briggs

Florida will undoubtedly be at or near the top of a list of the world's top beach holiday locations. Every year, millions of visitors arrive on the state's Gulf Coast and Atlantic beaches for a stay in a nice and sun-drenched beach community. One of these locations is the Florida Keys, and that is what keeps Key Largo hotels packed full all year round.

The island and city of Key Largo are to be found at the upper Florida keys' north end, in Monroe County. Its fame and popularity is due in part because of the stunning length of this island, with the beaches stretching endlessly along the coast. Another reason why it's so popular is because of its perfect location as a gateway or holiday base to and from both Miami as well as the Everglades.

It makes this place highly popular as a gateway or base for visitors who want to divide their time between the urban fleshpots of Miami and the natural wonders in the 1.4 million acre Everglades National Park. Oh, and let's not forget the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. That's what makes it the self-proclaimed diving capital of the world.

As for the hotel, most travelers focus on nightly rates, amenities and availability. But another thing that is equally important is the location. Gaining a better understanding of the layout in relation to the mainland and the coast may be helpful.

The island is a long, thin strip of fossilized coral reef with the Overseas Highway (Highway 1) running through a big part of it. The island is connected to Florida City on the mainland by the highway near the middle, and also through Card Sound Road at the northern end. The top hotels and lodging establishments are to be found laid out beachfront along the Overseas Highway.

Travelers looking for lodging should drive down the highway, as opposed to using the Card Sound Bridge. The lodging options will be lined up end to end alongside the road immediately after the highway enters the city and turns to follow the coast. The exact location regarding where to stay on this route can be decided based on the activities planned for the stay.

A visitor who intends to spend a lot of time in the Everglades needs to drive further on the Overseas Highway to find a convenient place to stay. But divers and others who want to explore the reef and the massive aquarium with the reconstructed coral reef inside it should stick close to the middle of the island or as far north as they can get. This means a place somewhere close to where the highway turns to follow the coast.

Most every establishment offers guests standard in-room amenities like Wi-Fi, microwaves, refrigerators and cable. Continental breakfasts tend to be complimentary, along with beverages like tea and coffee. An outdoor pool is quite common too, and so are room service, free parking, a concierge, laundry and other such things that make life easy for people who are enjoying a holiday. In fact, a stay at most any hotel in Key Largo is pretty much guaranteed to be a highly memorable holiday.

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