Friday, June 5, 2015

Surefire High School Fundraising Ideas That Actually Work

By Tammie Caldwell

In the education system, and with everything getting so expensive, fundraising is a vital part of helping students pay for events, field trips, and so on. In addition to that, the institutions themselves actually need some extra funds to help students experience school with activities, as it should be. With financial cuts here and there, it's becoming increasingly difficult. However, below, find some interesting high school fundraising ideas that work.

In the last several years, discount cards and books have become very popular because they actually work. Selling these items to donors actually gives them an opportunity to get something back from their donation. Plus, they save a few dollars going to a venue that they are attracted to. Of course, these can be very valuable, if they come from local merchants that are very popular, such as in restaurants, cinema, and the like.

Some may even get discount cards from mobile phone carriers, in the form of prepaid cards or phones. Alternatively, some may even get great results from big retailers that are always looking for ways to give back to their community. Other clever ideas involve raffle tickets. Many local merchants are looking for new customers, so a good many of them can be on board to provide free meals, free haircuts or styles, manicures or pedicures, and so on.

Don't ever forget about trying to include some major sporting event tickets on the raffle tickets. These can really be attractive and provide great results, since it's increasingly difficult and often out of reach for the average consumer to purchase event tickets. This way, they have a chance to win them. Whatever the case, be wise when choosing a campaign.

Be careful not to overdo the same campaign, as it will eventually grow tiresome and not achieve successful results. Therefore, it's recommended to make some important changes. For example, introduce crafts that would bring out the talent in numerous students that could actually paint. There could be an online auction to make it more interesting.

There are lots of art loving people in the community that would love to get an original painting for their home or business. Other such ideas for fundraising include costume jewelry making. All one needs is a little creativity, some fine silk thread, wire, and quality beads to make necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. Snacks stalls are also extremely popular, in all levels of education.

In order for it to be a successful campaign, however, one has to find a high traffic location. It is this area that will provide more sales, and thus, generate more money. At the same time, those doing the baking should do their best to make them look tasty and enticing.

For decades, in movies and in neighborhoods all over North America, car washes lead in money raising campaigns for schools. These are still popular and can generate quite an amount of money over the course of a few days. A successful campaign should be planned according to the weather, and should last a few days. Again, a high traffic location is necessary to generate good income, as is some marketing to get as many as customers as possible.

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