Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cape Cod Deep Sea Fishing Newbies

By Eula Clarke

While casting your line into a river, lake, or creek affords great experiences there is really nothing quite like dropping your line into a depth of 100 feet and pulling out a marlin or tuna. You can combine a family vacation with great Cape Cod Deep Sea Fishing anywhere along the New England coast. There are wonderful towns like Hyannis Barnstable Ma and others all the way up through Canada where you can charter a boat for this adventure.

The first difference is you will have to charter a boat. You will have more fun if you know a group of people that will join you. That way everyone will split the cost. Otherwise, unless you can afford to hire a boat yourself, you will be spending the day on a boat with strangers, so expect to mingle and share the space.

Whether you hire the boat for yourself, a group of friends, or with strangers, these charters do get booked quickly. Plan ahead and ask for recommendations and check online. Also, if you plan on staying at a hotel ask for their input.

However, if you wait until you get to your vacation spot, take a sightseeing tour or walk along the docks and talk to people there, asking for suggestions. You may get lucky and be able to go out in a day or two, or you might find a better deal.

While booking your trip, ask what you need to bring. Usually the charter will provide the necessary licenses, life jackets, rods and bait. Do not take it for granted though and ask. Also, find out if you should bring your own food and drink.

Just in case they do not mention it, do take sunscreen and sunglasses. The reflection from the sun on the water is much brighter than most people expect. Dress in cloths that can get soaked in salt water. It will also be smart to bring a sweat shirt for when the sun starts setting because it gets very chilly.

The Captain and crew is going to know where the best fishing spots are and have good knowledge on techniques on catching a reeling them in, so listen to them. If you have questions on how to bait your line or how to get that 30 pound tuna on board, ask them and pay attention. One thing to remember, is that once you are on board the Captain is in charge. You may have hired them but the boat is their domain.

One thing that will help prevent sea sickness is if you keep your eyes on the horizon as it remains steady even though the water and boat will be rocking or rolling. Also, stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. The wind and sun will dry you out with you realizing it especially if it is an overcast day. Alcohol use is usually associated with deep-sea charters so, again, be sure to drink plenty of water in addition so as not to get dehydrated.

After you have your catch on board, have the crew verify that it is legal limit and not an endangered species. Then have it packed in ice to keep it fresh. You will also want to get photographs while on board and on dock. Have the proof that you did catch that monster size fish and it is not just a fishing tale.

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