Friday, August 28, 2015

Tips On Horse Riding Lessons

By Shawn Hunter

Different people have different interests and activities they do during their leisure or in a bid to pass time. If you fall in the category of those who love horses then horse riding will be the best thing for you. Just like you enjoy other outdoor activities or games, horse riding could be that much or even more enjoyable. To add on that, it has no age and time restrictions. Since it is not common as other games are, you will therefore require some horse riding lessons.

Horse riding can make one feel very happy but physical and mental challenges come with it. To be the best therefore, you will definitely need to put in your best and may even take forever to be a good horse rider. This game of riding horses has been there all along and since it is a game like any other, it has its own rules and regulations which however are more stated, can be easily understood.

To begin with, you need to establish a rapport between you and your horse. This is very important as the horse requires and takes instructions clearly as stated by the rider. This therefore needs you to have a good relationship with the particular horse to facilitate communications. This may be difficult for you as a starter but with time, you will get to be at ease with it. You also have to follow instructions to the later to avoid dangers and enable you to learn easily.

Personal safety Is key and should be your priority concern before you start to ride. This involves putting on long pants that are comfortable, well fitting sturdy shoes with minimal heel and a riding helmet that perfectly fits your head. All this put together is referred to as a horse riding gear. Short pants should be avoided since your exposed part of the leg will be rubbed by the horse during its movements.

Once you are assured of your safety, mounting the animal is the next thing. You should approach the particular horse from the side, slowly, but making it aware of your presence. The left side of the animal is usually preferred as it is considered the near side. You should then climb unto the animal by putting your left, in this case your foot in the stirrup and holding the saddle with your hands. Swing your right leg over the animal and ensure you land gently.

Once seated comfortably at the back, 'chair seating' which involves straight forward look and having straight angled positioning of your back and shoulders is encouraged. Tight grip to the reins of the horse is also essential with the thumbs of your hand facing up and be ready for the ride. To start the ride, gently squeeze the particular horse using your thighs and shout 'walk'. As this horse moves, move along with its rhythm.

To change the directions, squeezing in the left leg will turn this horse to the right and squeezing the right will turn it to the left. Shout 'whoa' to make the horse slow down and will stop completely by pulling back the reins.

Finally, in order to dismount the horse, take off your feet starting with the left and swing it over the animal. As you land to the ground, bend your knees to easily land. Consider the above during your lessons.

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