Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What To Know Before You Go Ballooning

By Shawn Hunter

If you want to have a whole new experience, then consider going for a hot air balloon ride. You have to prepare yourself really well before you go for the ride, though. That way, you can experience the ride better. For you who plans to go Colorado ballooning some time soon, here are some of the basic tips to take into account.

First, you better ready your wallet. Unlike any other activity, you could say that this is the kind of ride that will eat up on your budget. There are even times when you need to pay 200 dollars for one person to just go up into the air. If you find something considerably cheaper, be wary since it might pose a risk to your safety.

The weather has a big impact on whether your flight will get canceled or not. You have to prepare yourself for a cancellation notice at a drop of the hat, especially when the location always have changes in the weather. You might also need to prepare yourself to ride the basket at a moment's notice, especially when the weather suddenly becomes clear.

The ones who will be riding with you in a basket are strangers, unless you booked this for a private flight. That can be really costly though. If you are not on a private flight, then prepare to get friendly with the others. You also have to position yourself at the proper spot to see better what you only get to see high up.

One may expect motion sickness but that is actually near to impossible. If you are okay with riding cars, then riding this balloon should be fine too. The basket does not really sway a lot. That is why this ride does not merit you bringing a sea-sickness medication. It is not that rocky of a flight so it should be okay.

Prepare well for the landing. That just means that you better steady yourself for it. Consider landing as a part of this adventure. You could expect a smooth landing most of the time but there are times when you are jostled around harshly too. There are even cases when the basket gets tipped over.

It is recommended that you dress properly. What you should wear include pants and shorts, avoiding skirts. Skirts, together with kilts, are actually very impractical with this, especially with the probability that it might get chilly up there. You may also want to wear sweater and gloves when you are high up. You have to keep warm for the whole experience.

A camera is needed to preserve the moment. You must make sure that you bring a good camera with you. You might want to leave your DSLR at home though since you do not want to step on your lens during something unexpected. Capturing the scenery with just a simple camera should be okay.

Mingle with other people. They are mostly nicer when up in the basket. All of this is due to the fact that they are riding the balloon due to celebrations. It can be for one's graduation, anniversary, or birthday. You can engage with them in a happy conversation. Finding fast friends is possible here too.

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