Sunday, September 13, 2015

About Northern Ontario Walleye Fishing

By Nancy Gardner

People can have different scenarios of fishing the walleye. Some fishermen will go for numbers. Others choose the sizes. There are others who get happier on finding hotpots at the rocky points or at the off shores. The activity of northern Ontario Walleye fishing can get boring when you get single catch after another. You will not succeed to get a large catch by the end of your trip.

Fishermen should be wiser and know that these types of fish prefer to live within river currents or closer to shores during spring. If you want to catch them, you should probably go past ten feet. In north Canadian lakes the fish that do not spawn in rivers go to shores. Most will be done with spawning at the end of fishing season. They however hang around to protect younger fish.

You can mount a light Jig, cash along shores and then retrieve it aggressively because the fish are very aggressive during this time. You are advised to use brighter colors like chartreuse, red, white or yellow. Those that come to feed spot the jig. Those not feeding still are attracted to bright colors. These colors aggravate them. They generally love the white color.

During daytime and the early spring, fishermen will successfully catch young males. They easily find them in the beds. At this time, the bigger females have already gone to deeper waters. The individuals with interests of having large size fish and not on numbers should find them in areas where they do not spawn. This is better in deeper parts. Bigger females have preference for the deeper parts.

As a fisherman, you ought to know the areas you will likely get a big hunt. When fishing during spring, do not forget to put on a small rapala. At this time, troll slowly along the line of the shore. Most of your catch will be around four feet inside. Again remember that they prefer red, chartreuse, fire tiger and blue colors.

If you will keep on trolling past a certain spot and hit them, then you should know that many of them are there. In that case, you can stop your boat and begin casing. Avoid trolling back and forth severally because this spooks the area and stops them from feeding. They will disappear from these points.

If you are normally stubborn in your job, and you are never ready to do new things, then you would never come to appreciate northern fishing. You will hold on to believe that southern waters are better. All fishermen should be aware that around ninety five percent of the fish are in shallower waters during springs. In the afternoon, bigger females tend to move deeper to hide from the sun and the pikes.

During periods of summer, they will go deeper. Some stay in the river mouths and in the layoff areas of rocks. Rock drops are their other favorite area. For the lakes with flat structure, they will tend to hide in thick weeds to get protection. At this time, the sun is hot. This is why they disappear from the shores.

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