Monday, September 14, 2015

All About Laser Tag San Diego

By Shawn Hunter

Laser tag is definitely known to be one of the most popular activities that one can participate in. Now this is a great game because it emulates a real gun fight but it is very safe because it just makes use of lasers and sensors. So just to get a brief background on the game, here are some rules and a few tricks that one should know about laser tag san diego.

Now when one would begin, the establishment will be giving him a gun that points a laser and a quote and unquote armor to attached to himself. He will then go to a maze like structure with around two or three team members and another opposing team. The whole idea of this game is to shoot members of the opposing time as many times as possible.

Now the gun will have something like a laser pointer that will help the player aim correctly where they would want to aim. In order to take out his opponent, he has to aim directly at the middle of the armor so that the laser can hit the sensor. Once the sensor has already been hit the armor of the losing player, the loss will be recorded in the points of the team and will decide the outcome later on.

Depending on the rules of each particular branch, there would be a point system that would give players their rankings. This would depend on how long they can last inside the game and of course how accurate they would shoot down their opponents. The points would also be based on how many opponents a player was able to take down while he is in the maze.

Now after knowing more about the rules, then it is now time to move on to the tips. Of course this is a team game so definitely teamwork will play a very important role in whether a team would actually in or not. The tip here is to never go alone in the maze because it will be so easy to get ganged on by the other team.

The best thing to do here would be to split up but in groups since there would usually be five players in a team. Of course there are others that would allow more so just divide the members before splitting. The logic behind that is simply because engaging in an opponent alone is going to be difficult.

Another thing to remember is to always study the maze before going in. Most people actually get lost inside because it is dark with a lot of turns. So before going in, it is essential first to at least have an idea of the map so that one will not be confused and can navigate properly when inside.

So in a nutshell, these are some things to know about this game. This game is very popular in San Diego, CA and has a lot of establishments. It is because of this that people in this state love this game so much.

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