Tuesday, September 8, 2015

An Outlook On Athens Airport Transportation

By Daphne Bowen

Those who travel by air face a challenge in terms of navigating the traffic in airports, finding a parking space and getting past the general obstacles in the grounds. Therefore, there is need to get a company which is highly qualified in dealing with offering solutions on airline transportation in full-spectrum. This can provide the much needed reforms in Athens airport transportation.

A lot of the policy makers on issues touching on the transport by air have suggested construction of a railway to serve the airport transportation of goods and people. These can be a savior to the dwindling businesses in these organizations if it is incorporated. Also, the environment will be conserved. In addition, there will be no need to leave a big allowance to cater for congestion which can possibly happen in the airports.

To note is that rail infrastructure development in this airstrips needs to be undertaken by highly qualified people. If the contract is handed over to people who are not sure of what to do, this will be only wastage of resources and time and the end result will be disappointing. Engineers of airport construction and rail too need to collaborate in order to make the undertaking a success.

The transport infrastructure has to be integrated. A number of means of transport must be incorporated. This will mean that the movement of people and also good from one point to the next will take the minimum time and also the process will be efficient. Connections should be made to transits, trucks and rail from the airdrome terminals and this should be carried out without much hassle.

The aerodromes are responsible for a significant amount of carbon emissions which have become a real problem nowadays. This comes from the cars and buses which transport the travelers from the landing fields to other places. The situation is even made worse by the cars which are operating around the vicinity of the airports.

Rental cars which have been designed to produce minimal carbonic emissions are essential in order to reduce the effects of smoke. Also, the mode of circulation of the vehicles should be controlled so that congestion is eased. This could be a big help in minimizing global warming.

Some of the ways which have been incorporated to do away with pollution emanating for these sites include reduction of the intersections that are present in different kinds of vehicle movement and also between vehicles and pedestrians allowing for fee flowing vehicle operations. Also, the distance from the terminal to the site of renting the cars should be reduced. In addition, the service areas and return areas for the rental cars should be decreased.

Instead of using cars which only transport one person, buses which can transport a number of people can be incorporated. A variety of transport networks need to be incorporated too to make the process more effective and efficient. The operations need to be dynamic and the networks should be tested for reliability and validity first before they are put into use. Other attractive alternatives can be assimilated too.

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