Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How Beneficial Are Military Radio Antenna In Communication

By Daphne Bowen

Terrorism has been one of the major problems that our world is facing. The most notorious terrorist attack so far was on the 11th of September 2001, the air assault of World Trade Center. Since then, the US soldiers have done everything to stop the terrorism threat. While everything went well over the past few years, another monstrous terrorist gang has been added to the list of US enemies in the name of ISIS. The group has caused pandemonium in Syria and Iran for the past year after they had successfully seized the countries. Murders and raping had been reported by wireless international broadcast media.

Fortunately, countries from different continents have joined hand in hand in defeating the threat of ISIS. That is why these countries have used state of the art weapons and tools to annihilate this vicious terrorist group and save the people. The military radio antenna has been used to make communication easier and more effective.

We are all familiar with what the antenna device is. We know that this tool is used in effective communication by converting electrical signals to radio waves. That is why it had been used by the military for a number of decades. Get to know the different pertinence of antenna.

Radar. The word radar is just an acronym for Radio Detection And Ranging. Radar used to detect any object within the given range. It can detect the range, velocity, and angle of the object that is why this tool is mostly used in airplanes, space crafts, ships, missiles, and jets. It detects by sending radio wavelengths, so that it will reflect on the object in the path.

Satellite Antenna. This type of antenna is capable of covering great distances and areas. It works by transmitting and reflecting the signals to Earth. Its applications include space probe communication, broadcasting, weather research, and naval usage. The phased array, horn, parabolic, and helica are four types of SATCOM antenna.

Communication receiver. This black box device has efficient transmission capabilities. It is known for its eminent stability and veracious level of performance. It has also been widely utilized in military operations for effective connection.

Two way radio. A walkie talkie is one form of a two way radio. You can push the button if you want to contact another person. However, conversing together is not possible. While you talk, the other person listens and vice versa.

Bluetooth enabled devices. Tools equipped with Bluetooth are now widely used in military purposes. It is one effective way of synchronizing the several devices at once. It is a wireless technology device that lets people connect and exchange information over short distances.

Cellular phones. Apple, LG, Samsung, and Nokia are the most famous producers of cellular phones today. Almost all people own a cell phone. This type of device allows you to reach and keep in touch with people who are far away. It also allows you to easily transmit important emails and text to your other comrades who are in other side of the world.

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