Saturday, September 5, 2015

Important Facts About Hawaiian Healing On Maui

By Daphne Bowen

Hawaii is a popular US state that is renowned for its beautiful sandy beaches and amazing geographical features. Nonetheless, it is not only its beautiful geography that attracts tourists but also its ancient healing ways. Hawaiian healing on Maui has existed for centuries, and each passing generation is handed down the gift of this native healing process.

The ancient people who resided in Hawaii had a belief that diseases originate from the mind perception that people are separated from the divine. This curative process aimed at ensuring that people are reconnected to the divine while getting rid of the disease they have.

Energy healing should not be confused with traditional medicine. In traditional medicine, the healers have a belief that when there is a symptom, it is a sign of things happening in the body. As a result, they focus on treating this physical symptom. On the contrary, alternative healing focuses on the primary issues whether spiritual, mental, emotional or physical. It is because they believe that symptoms show that things have been taking place for some time.

The Hawaiian curative process is in series of stages. The first stage is known as traditional talk story. In this stage, the healers question you about areas that you are concerned with or areas that need to be healed. Additionally, you will have to identify places where you feel some disconnection from the oneness. When you discuss these issues with healers, it opens you up for the healing process.

The second stage known as the divine healing sees to it that you are connected with the divine power. This step ensures that your body, spirit, mind and emotions enter a blissful state that makes you connected to a high level of healing energy. The experience you get can be calm, soothing, vibrant or energizing. It totally depends on your willingness to let go of perceptions and receive healing. The process is almost similar to Reiki, but it is more powerful.

The clearing stage entails clearing and renewing the seven fundamental chakras layers of the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. The cleansing and clearing is responsible for getting rid of the blockages between you and the divine power within you.

The process can take a short or long time depending on the recipient. You have to be willingly let go of perceptions as well as open up to receive the massive healing energy. The energy received is strong and is powerful enough to heal symptoms.

Finally, the benefits resulting from this process are worth a mention. The session is quite energetic, so you are sure of experience various bodily and emotional changes. All symptoms are eliminated due to this process. The mind, body and spirit are also transformed since the energy healing received is quite powerful. In addition, you reconnect with the inner being, feel calmness, peace, as well as have harmonized energy centers.

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