Friday, September 4, 2015

Knowing More About Antarctic Cruises From Ushuaia

By Daphne Bowen

Ushuaia is known to be one of the most beautiful resort towns in Argentina and would even provide expeditions to antarctica. If one would want to go on a vacation to see this icy region, then what other way is there to go than on an adventurous ship. Before one would embark on this cruise journey, here are some things that he should know about Antarctic cruises from Ushuaia.

Of course the journey will start out in the sunny and beautiful town of Ushuaia which can be found in Argentina. This town is one of the most beautiful ones in the entire country because most of it has been left untouched by civilization. This is a great place to relax for a few days before going on to the big adventure.

Now the big adventure will start with a small journey over to the harbor of Ushuaia which is the starting point of the cruise. There are a lot of cruise ships in the harbor that would be sailing all the way to the icy lands of Antarctica. Now some of the places that one may pass by would be South Orkney or the Shetland Islands.

Due to regulations on traveling and tourism, big ships are not allowed to sail into Antarctica anymore due to the dangers of crashing into icebergs so smaller ships can sail in. Most of these ships can only house two hundred passengers and would not dock anywhere in the frozen islands. They would most likely just sail around the area so that the tourists may have an eyeful.

Now if one is a first timer in this type of cruise, then he will have to expect there not to be much scenery. The areas here are not at all touched by modern civilization as the area is way too harsh for people to live in. Of course there are still a lot of interesting things to see here like the ice caverns or the ice structures that one can find here.

Now some of the cool things that people can see here would of course be the marine wildlife. One can see a lot of whales here that have adapted to the harsh conditions of this place with their tough skin. Of course one may also find a lot of seals and walruses swimming in the area as well.

Some other cool animals that one may see here would be the polar bears which are known to thrive in cold weather. There would also be a colony of penguins that can be seen marching about in the islands. For some historical landmarks, one may see a few historical huts and igloos here that are not inhabited.

So for those who would want a fun filled adventure, then he will definitely enjoy going to these types of cruises. Adventures are going to be really fun in this area as there are many remote places to see. So if one is into discovering new areas, then this is definitely the place for him.

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