Sunday, September 6, 2015

On Purchasing Salmon Fishing Lures

By Kenya England

Fishing is not just a hobby. It is said to be an art too. It takes more than fixing bait and casting the line in the water. You need to know about the preferred prey of the target fish. In addition you should get the timing right and the approach used should be effective. Having the right salmon fishing lures is crucial too.

Lax is lured by various baits but if the fishing technique is not right then it will be hard to catch them. That is why you should understand the basic types of the lures and how to use them before embarking on the fishing trip.

Live baits are the traditional type of lures. They can move in water by themselves because they are alive. They have a characteristic smell that attracts salmon too. Salmon roe is used many a times by those who prefer live baits. It has many merits including being cheap, bright and also colorful. Amongst the foods preferred by the lax, this is the best.

Another type of live lures is minnows. They are resourceful in catching many of the fish residing in freshwater bodies. To note is that they will only be beneficial to you if they are alive. Therefore, confirm they are not dead when you are hooking them. Sand shrimp will always deliver good outcomes when used in salmon fishing. They are expensive and hard to rig though. Nevertheless, if you have the time and money go for them.

Artificial baits are more common than the live ones. Silver spoon is the commonest. It has a hollow oval connected to the hook. The oval flares and flaps in water attracting the fish. Spinner bait is also a good alternative. It comes with metallic blades which ripple the water when they spin.

Cut plugs have a solid frame and resemble a small fish. They are heavily hooked. All artificial lax lures are shiny and brightly colored. Regardless of the lure type, color should always be considered. Because the fish species is found in the deepest parts of the river or lake, purple, green, UV or blue color should be used. These colors are clear even when the depth is dark.

Trolling is the recommended technique in salmon fishing. It involves fishing while the boat is constantly moving. Staying in one position for extended period of time or letting the lure stop moving will make them suspicious and they are not likely to take the bait.

In trolling, divers or weights are used to get the bait to a specific depth. Salmon fishing should be done near the water body bottom. Because it is always on the move, ensure the lure is in a constant move too to get the attention of salmon. When using live baits you should cast them before the fish so that they can detect the smell. If all these aspects are considered keenly then the fishing tour will not be a headache to you. You will catch them easily and the activity will be fun.

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