Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Basics Of Bicycle Tune Up

By Daphne Bowen

The purposes for which modern-day bicycles can be used for are ever increasing and getting more complex. In most developing countries, people use them for transportation as well as a source of employment. In more developed states, they get used in competitions, fitness training, and recreational purposes. All the aforementioned uses require proper bicycle tune up for them to be achieved easily and more effectively.

Injury can be caused to riders and other people if one takes a poorly maintained bike to the road. Besides sustaining and causing injuries to others, one can also damage property and be required to pay expensively for them. In addition to that, components of a bike that is not well maintained also wear fast. If one is daring enough, they can do most of the steps involved in a tune up because they are pretty simple and take a short time.

However, for those who do not enjoy the manual work involved, there are many bike shops in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio that can do the job. Cincinnati bike shops charge a reasonable cost for all repairs that one may want to be done. Most of them are operated by professional who only need a few minutes to get a good job done. This article will highlight some basic tips on how to do this job.

Cleanliness is always the first thing that should be considered. A bike that is thoroughly cleaned is half-way maintained. Cleaning should be done using cleaning products that do not cause harm to the environment, people, or animals. There is a wide variety of biodegradable cleaners on the market to choose from. Special attention should be paid to cassettes, derailleurs, brakes, chains, chain rings, pedals, and frames during cleaning.

Cleaning may require dismantling some parts of the bike in order to clean them properly. Such parts ought to be dismounted carefully and cleaned well. Before they are returned, bicycle grease must be applied well. Grease is preferable over oil because it last longer, hence provides protection for a longer period.

Another part to pay attention to is the brake system. When checking the brake system, one should press the brake levers while the rear wheel is spinning and observe how long it take for the wheels to stop rotating. An effective brake system should stop the wheels instantly. Next, the brake pads should be checked for uneven wearing and other damages. They must be replaced if they got used up.

Efficiency of the drivetrain must also be checked. The drivetrain is the system that transmits the force generated by pedaling to the rear wheel. As such, it needs proper servicing and greasing. Wherever necessary, any components that are loose should be tightened up. After that, wheels must be investigated for proper rotation and any misalignment caused by damaged by brake pads.

Finally, to make sure everything is set, a test ride should be conducted. All cannot be okay without a test ride. Problems are likely to be realized during the test ride and they should be solved before one ventures out.

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