Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Tips Of Disney World Autism For Your Child

By Daphne Bowen

Travelling with a person with autism to the Walt Disney World can be challenging. It is on this note that this writing will focus on Disney World autism for children. A trip to the World Disney is a very rewarding experience for children especially for those with special needs. However, to get the best of your vacation you need to prepare adequately. You need to obtain a note from the physician handling the child explaining the physical condition of the child and the kind of attention they require. It is because some autistic children are unable to stand in a queue that has many people for a few minutes.

In the note, the doctor will explain the state of the child so that you can make arrangements on how to visit the Disney world. Any person that has the note should come with it at the Guest Relations desk and get a card. The card given at the window is the Guest Assistance card that enables people with disabilities to access to the parks using the un-crowded holding areas.

One card is enough to access all the parks, so you need not use separate cards for the four parks. It is important that you pick a Guidebook for people with disabilities, which you can also get online. Remember that with the card you would not be allowed to bypass the usual waits at the attraction sites. The essence of the card is to help you conveniently access the attraction without the need to go through the long queues.

The other tips that you can adhere to are to book a hotel or restaurant that is serene to help the child unwind after the busy day at the park. At the Disney resort, there is a list of some of the best room numbers that provide the cool serene environment for the special need child.

Conventionally, an autistic child needs rest and adequate care. It is for this reason that parents should schedule breaks for the children when at the park. A swimming session or a mid day nap would be relaxing for stimulated and wary children. When at the attraction areas with loud music and sound effects you ensure you carry earplugs to help the child withstand the noise.

Taking the town car service always offer a better option to the shuttle buses when moving from the airport to the hotel. It is because the cars drive directly to the hotel as the shuttle buses must drop other guests in the direction of your hotel.

The guidebook on guests with disabilities contains the suitable locations and meals that you can take at the Disney characters. It is because there are some eating places that have loud sound effects that can be overwhelming to the child. Once you have located a priority-eating place, consider sitting near a window or an exit.

In conclusion, traveling in the park using a taxi would be more convenient that the Disney transportation. Children with autism would also find it enjoyable to go to the sandy beaches so as a parent you need to consider taking them to such places.

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