Monday, September 28, 2015

The Worlds Military Whip Antenna And Its Family

By Della Monroe

Communication is best when the message receive and sent is clear to both ends but if its distorted, the information that should be passed through will not be understood as it should be. The world troops has been protecting the country from possible threats and has helped secure lives over the century, and to enable them to give out reports to their higher ranking officers, they have a special kind of device. Everything that has happened beyond the borders comes from transmitting data from several of designated lands.

Todays changes has made everything expensive yet up to date and it has given you convenience in everything that you do, whether its checking the mail or using apps for transactions. The same goes with equipment in the military, so that they will be able to use it more functionally and advance. If you have a love for military whip antenna, here are some of them that you need to know.

A type of radio system used by the British army from years 1976 to 2010 and its been replacing other radios in the battle field. With it came its rod version 1.2 used in equipment such as the PRC 350, 351, and 325 devices. It has various designs and will be folded four times, thus, when erected it goes about a hundred and twenty cm or 47 inches.

For ATU T1 transmittal tools that is set in army cars and automobile base. It is disguised from anywhere that can see in a distance scope, especially in missions that involves the use of the army mobile. Basically, its 3 centimeters long and does not need any tuner.

Long rod for British radios, the Racal TRA 967. It usually comes with one single color only, the green, for camouflage and itll fold eight times for easy preparation and use. It can go up to 248 centimeters if fully extended and its sections are connected with a steel wire.

Tactical CODAN is used for moving operation either in short or average spacing. It can be vertically or horizontally used for it does not require a receiver for its transmission. With its length of three meters, its used in action for movements and has a clear scope, thus, it can be set up anywhere by anyone almost in one swift motion.

AT M TW does not require any tuner when connected to a transceiver. It is a coagulated field glass fiber that can withstand any condition emitting from any operation by unique bayonet looking lead for tap. It has a clear reach of 30mhz, with a 125 watts of power in a singular color of black.

For spying intents, CODAN 3040 is mainly use because its easy to carry everywhere and smaller in size in comparison with other types of devices. During vibrations of all sorts, rain conditions, or even sand storms, it can bear everything that might happen. With operations that requires moving, its range is 30mhz that supports ALE.

Many of them can now be found in local stores or even in the internet. All you need is your knowledge for army materials. If you are interested in getting one, you can always order online.

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