Friday, September 11, 2015

Tips To Help You Have A Malaria Free Safari

By Florine Meadows

Visiting certain parts of the world puts you at risk of getting malaria. There is nothing more dampening to someone's spirit than getting sick in the middle of a tour. If you are planning a trip to Africa, it is important that you take steps that will prevent you from getting sick. Here are some tips to help you have a malaria free safari.

Visit a local health center near you and ask your doctor for anti-malaria tablets. You should see the doctor a couple of weeks before you travel. Get the correct dosage and ask your doctor how far ahead you should take the drugs before you embark on your trip. Make sure to take your medication according to the schedule given by your doctor. Small children and pregnant women should not take the drugs without consulting their doctor.

Buy mosquito repellents. You can buy the repellents in your home country or in the country of your destination. Use the repellents in the evenings and at night. You can spray the repellents in your room, especially in dark areas and under your bed. If you are using a coil, burn it through the night. Take care to place the coil in an area where it will not set fire to any objects in the room. You can also buy repellents that you can apply to any exposed parts of your body.

Sleep under a mosquito net. This will keep away mosquitoes. The net should not have any holes. You should spread the net well before you seep so that there are no gaps in the net that a mosquito can pass through. Using a mosquito net that has been treated will be more effective, as any mosquitoes that land on the net will die.

Choose a house that is located in a place where there aren't so many mosquitoes. Some of the things that you can be on the lookout for is that there are no stagnant waters around the house. The compound should be well taken care of and not have bushes around it. Screens should be on the windows of the house to stop mosquitoes for gaining access to the house.

When you are outside in the evenings, wear long sleeved clothes and long pants. This is because mosquitoes re most active in the evenings. You can also put on socks. This will keep most of your body covered and minimize the chances of a mosquito biting you.

Avoid anything that will attract mosquitoes to you. This includes wearing dark clothes as they attract mosquitoes. Wear clothes with neutral colors. Colognes, after shave products and perfumes tend to attract mosquitoes, so avoid using them when you are in the bush. Also, minimize on your sugar intake as mosquitoes are drawn to people who have a high sugar intake.

Find out as much as possible about the disease. This will help you know in case you are infected. If you suspect that you are sick, see a doctor. The earlier you seek treatment, the easier it will be to treat it. Early diagnosis and treatment can help to save your life. If you get sick, do not panic but get medical help as there is treatment for malaria and you will most likely recover.

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