Sunday, October 4, 2015

All About Peninsula Papagayo Villa Rentals

By Sharon Weeks

A villa is a great way to spend a vacation in a foreign land. You can select from any number of exotic places such as Peninsula Papagayo Villa rentals. You don't have to be scared about asking the price. In this economy, there are deals to be made. People with second homes are happy to rent them out most of the year to willing tourists. A farmhouse or a mansion in Peninsula can be yours for a song. You might even get a free night or two as a perk, or access to the wine cellar.

The time is now to look into rental, perhaps through an agent who can lead you to a few choice places. Once you know the kind of ideal experience you seek, you are on your way to a blissful stay. You can ask for housekeeping, a chef, use of a car, or the swimming pool. Your host might just be willing to say yes to everything.

If you want to be in the country alone, so be it. However, if the city is your fantasy, go for an urban residence. The owner might be able to get you those coveted tickets to the theater or opera. It is all available - for a fee! It takes one phone call to hook up with a savvy agent who knows how to please. You can check the photos online to be sure you have a meeting of the minds and that your selection is the right one.

Don't be surprised if you are asked to verify your credentials. After all, you will be living in someone's home. For your part, you will want to know if there are services nearby such as a grocery store or gas station. You will want to know how to operate appliances and fireplaces, for example, to make your stay comfortable and cozy.

It should include any extra expenses such as utilities, although frankly this should be part of the rental agreement. You also may want insurance in case there is accidental property damage. Unforeseen things happen, so you will be glad you took out a traveler's policy.

Many destinations are well-known and there are just as many that are new and emerging. You might want a particular type of experience. Ask agents what clients like best and also be willing to take chances to get deals. The unexpected could be your ideal rental location. Sticking to the tried and true may yield ordinary results.

New and exciting destinations are always on the horizon so you don't have to stick to the tried and true where you already know the results. You can eschew the blue-chip places and try something out of the way like Peninsula Papagayo. It all comes down to taste and your willingness to take a chance. Let your agent guide you in locating these unique spots that will create a special one of-a-kind vacation.

The same goes for bathrooms. Don't be too picky about tubs and showers. Travel is about compromise. You will find it all part of the exploratory process and learning to adapt. Then there is the issue of privacy. You may have to share facilities like pools and spas.

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