Thursday, October 1, 2015

An Outlook Of Tourism In Hotel Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

By Della Monroe

Most islands in the world have tremendously advanced economically as a result of tourism and Costa Rica is one of these islands. Tourism in this nation was initiated decades ago and its growth has been witnessed over the years. Tourists and nature conservatives all around the world have recommended this area as a favorable destination because of the biodiversity in the area. The economy has really improved as foreign exchange is the main source of income for the entire nation. There are other economic activities like commercial agriculture taking place within the country. However, tourism has proved to be the major revenue generating activity. Insights on economic development within hotel Manuel Antonio Costa Rica are thus essential.

During ancient times, this practice was at its budding stage. It took about thirty years for it to gain worldwide acclaim and this is because the environment was very favorable for most tourism activities. The need to incorporate environmental issues in human activities also rose during this time. The environment constitutes both living and non living components that entirely depend on one another for survival. Just like other coastal zones, islands exhibit warm temperatures throughout the year. There is an ecosystem in this area comprising of ocean animals and plants too.

According to the national tourism board, almost half of tourists from all over the world engage in ecotourism themed activities. These activities include visiting national parks, reserves and paying homage to the local people who have unique culture. The sole purpose for ecotourism is adventure and this is why multiple accommodation facilities have been built within Manuel Antonio. Nature conservation is the overall objective of such environmental friendly activities.

As an economic incentive, prices of tourism services rose as the need for sustainable surrounding increased. The authorities in charge used this measure to raise more revenue aimed at improving the infrastructure of the area. The most preferred mode of transport was via water thus several individuals were employed in that sector. A port situated within the island facilitated the accommodation of cruise ships carrying visitors from abroad.

Whenever tourists visit a place, they have a sole purpose that is dictated by their tastes and preferences. There are international visitors whose main objective for touring a new area is investment and other professional reasons. These individuals usually target specific areas with a capacity to grow economically. Others are there to discuss business with local investors by offering insights on how current economic status can be improved.

The presence of natural landforms known as beaches favors tourist inhabitation process. This combined with warm climatic conditions has really improved the tourism sector in Costa Rica. Geographically, a land mass surrounded by a water body is also known as an island. This area exhibits similar weather conditions as other coastal areas.

The government through a tourism authority has ensured that this activity takes place in accordance to stipulated set of rules. These rules are formulated by the legislature and every individual inhabited in the country is obliged to follow them. Individuals who disobey are charged in court as a punitive measure.

As discussed above, for an area to be favorable for tourist inhabitation, it must have certain distinct attributes. These attributes in the long run determine the number of people who will be visiting the area for a given amount of time.

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