Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ancient Fleur De Lis And Its Color Meanings

By Deana Norton

Everything has a history. You know that it applies to every single thing in the world. You are not even exempted in such. You are also one of the ones that exists because of a certain story of the past. You see, that is what history is all about, telling stories of the past. And, there are a few things you have not known for sure.

The things from the past has been considered insignificant nowadays. But, what most people do not understand in modern times is that what is happening now were results of what has been back in Ancient times. And, the symbol of fleur de lis New Orleans are still using in present times is one.

The original meaning of why it became significant of many people from Ancient times remained so confusing, however, all those remained constantly a mystery, making it a unique choice for symbolism. For example, in the old Egyptian era, they treated the lotus image as sacred as they regard it as a symbol for the Tree of Life. In India, it was an attribute of circumcision for their god named, Horus.

In some aspects, it has been considered to be of different meaning. In addition, there is what the French monarch believed it an anointing symbol Clovis as King. They believed it came down from God, with the image of lily as its sign. On the other hand, some thought it was the result of the tears of Eve, partner of Adam. Moreover, its colors has meanings, too. Read more about it in the following.

Silver, white, black and gold. These are traditional colors. Yes, it may sound ancient, but its meaning still remains. For silver or white, it means peace and sincerity. It emphasizes the purity at heart. While black symbolizes constancy or grief and gold for generosity and upgraded in intelligence. All these four, however, share one thing, they all serve a point entailing prestige and integrity.

Red and maroon. These colors are closely related with each other at first glance. But, if you will spend more time in looking at its hue, you will realize that it was not similar with each other after all. Although they have a slight difference, they have meanings on their own, too. Red is for a true mark of a warrior and martyrdom while maroon is for patience in the middle of battle for victory.

Blue and purple. It is easy to tell which is which in both because they do not have the same hues. However, even if they are different, they are quite similar in some way. Blue carries the dignity of truth and loyalty while purple depicts the emergence of a true royal, majesty and justice. And, both defines service and leadership.

Green. This color is an epic one. Its what most people consider as the tint that is good for the eyes because it soothes the eyes with its cool color. But, what is more interesting is that this one means life. It symbolizes the real meaning of joy, hope and loyal in love, which defines the real basics of real love that everyone need.

Moreover, these are the basic information about fleur de lis regarding its history and color meanings. For more, research about it. Tell this to friends. You may not know they may be able to give you more information. So, why wait. Share with friends.

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