Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How To Spend More Time Together With Discount Vacation Packages

By Allan Iacovelli

Going on vacation frees you from social obligations and work. Your time is free to spend focusing on each other. You can also avoid arranging airline tickets and hotel rooms. All you do is select one of the many Discount Vacation Packages and let a travel agent do the rest.

Plane tickets are expensive and so are hotel accommodations. Take advantage of a one-price covers all package. Just pack your bags and arrive at the airport at the correct time. When you arrive at your destination a friendly staff will welcome you to the hotel and show you to your room.

Change into your new swim suit and head for the beaches when you land in Jamaica. Or. Slip into ski clothes upon arrival in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. No responsibilities will slow you down. Take your meals at any time you wish. Have breakfast in a coffee shop. Have a delicious dinner by candlelight in a romantic, dimly lit restaurant.

Your days in Jamaica can include swimming in the warm ocean waters, snorkeling or simply sitting back on the beach under an umbrella. Enjoy a soft drink or fruit juice at any time of night or day. The cost for snorkeling is zero and the refreshing juice is an included refreshment.

In Steamboat Springs you can catch the ski lift to the top of the mountain. Embrace the exhilarating speed of a run down the mountain. Snow sports aficionados will return to the top again and again. Later you can sip hot chocolate as you have an intimate chat in front of a roaring fire.

Do not waste time reserving a table at any of the restaurants. Dine at the time that suits you best. Select a coffee shop for breakfast, a diner for lunch and a romantic restaurant for a late dinner. Enjoy the ambiance of candlelight and the formality of a dress code. Have your dream vacation without worrying about the cost.

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