Monday, November 23, 2015

An Article On Kentucky White Tail Deer Hunting

By Marci Nielsen

In this endeavor, there is always room for improvement as one can never be too good; there is a lot to be learnt even for the oldest people in this field. Experience obviously matters but new skills and techniques come in handy too and for this the internet can be very resourceful. There however are people who prefer conducting this exercise the old-fashioned way which can be hard at times especially on Kentucky white tail deer hunting.

To start with, it is important for one to practice the use of deer calls. If they are used correctly, they can improve ones hunting skills. Research has proved that when one is able to speak their language, they can move in for a closer look which will present the right moment to catch it. These deer calls include using the grunt tube, making of rattling sounds or even using a decoy to attract the rest.

Hunting whitetail deers in the woods can be quite challenging. Some hunters prefer to hunt them in open areas. Deers however spend most of their time in the woods and come out at specific times. The best moment to get a hold of them is in the morning during sunrise and late in the evening. This is when they come out in search of food and shelter hence spotting them becomes an easy job.

Trail cameras have become a must have hunting asset in Kentucky. These assist the hunter to monitor his land without causing disturbance to other wildlife. There are many types of these, all with different price ranges and qualities. They also assist in monitoring the land and also record of deers as they mature and take count which help hunters estimate how many whitetail deers the may have on their farms.

Some hunters, especially those who are new to this field, love taking shortcuts when it comes to hunting. This is usually in the form of baiting as it draws deers closer making the hunter to have an easy time in the field. Others however, especially the seniors, consider this ethically wrong as they prefer to do it the old fashioned way. To back them up, in most cases, there are solid state laws to back them up.

The deer hunting world is such a competitive one. Due to this fact, hunters in Kentucky are looking for all the ways that they can keep a get a healthy deer population on their farms. This is by using attractants such as natural food plots, salt licks among others. These mainly prevent the deer population from moving to other areas in search of food and water.

Whitetail deers have a very powerful nose. This means that they can easily detect foreign scent in the woods and once they do, they look for all the ways that they can escape. During the hunt therefore, hunters have to make sure that they are scent free together with all their tools.

Before a hunt one is also supposed to take a shower using a scent free bathing soap and shampoo. They are also required to make sure that all their equipment is free of human scent even if it requires washing them.

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