Sunday, November 15, 2015

Changing A Military CB Antenna

By Mattie Knight

Transforming an antenna to give off another function can be a meticulous task. So, allow this article to give you the steps to be done. Also, learn to follow by the rules for you to achieve the best results and have more safety features in your military vehicle. Survive in missions and let that be a gift to yourself.

You should not paint this item just for fun. A military CB antenna is meant to look professional since your superiors are bound to check it. Thus, stick with what your colleagues have done and you can even ask for their help if you are really having difficulty dealing with yours.

You should try to get a grip of yourself when you are tightening those screws. The base can only take so much pressure since it is a small thing. So, have the instinct to know when you have already reached your limits. Have somebody look over you just to get the right amount of tightness in your set up.

Look for the cable at the bottom of this thing. You have remove the cover in that part with the use of a screwdriver. If there are a lot of cables for you to choose from, go for the one that has screw adjustments since you would have to mess with these things for the next step. Just make sure that you got the right one.

Find capacitor number five and twist it. However, be certain that you have moved to the right while you were counting. That can bring accuracy to your work which is necessary in keeping all the frequencies open for your daily. Without proper communication, you can easily misinterpret the orders being given to you.

Have more than enough length for the cable which you shall be using. If your CB is a little bit far, you can make use of the allowance to finally make the connection. Also, be able to protect yourself by using the right gear. Do not touch any of the heated parts without the official materials for your safety.

Close the gaps between all of the things which you are trying to connect. Also, separate metals away from each other. Your reception must be free from any distractions and that can never in the presence of a metal to metal contact. You can lose all signal in an instant and that is not going to help you in case of an emergency.

Let a SWR meter be the judge of the progress which you have made. If you did not meet the work, you possess no choice but to retrace your steps. However, be aware of your exact mistake for you to get it right for the second time.

Tightly close the lid after the test. Check it once again since a simple wave of air can destroy all of your efforts. So, put additional materials such as a tape for you to be sure that your antenna will be up and running.

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