Sunday, November 22, 2015

Considerations To Be Made When Planning For LDS Family Reunions

By Marci Nielsen

For different people reunions carry different weight. People attend them because of a variety of reasons such as bonding with relatives, catching up on the old times, strengthening the relationship, uniting each other and even solving burning issues. They act as a tool that unifies families together. When families meet for gatherings and share positive experiences, the unity grows which instills aspects of respect love and peace among them. They act as a platform to teach the younger members of the importance of togetherness. You should always have a plan when deciding to hold LDS family reunions.

Organizing the family should be the first step while planning. There is need to get the head of the union. Most of the time they will be in charge of informing everyone about the details concerning the reunion. Choosing the chairperson may be unanimous or even through a ballot to ensure equality. This position once assigned it will be retained for quite some time. They will be making decisions on behalf of the whole family.

Time is a major aspect that should never be forgotten. Whenever people fail to show up for the get together, main reason is normally the timing. Therefore while laying the plan a holiday period especially weekends is the best time to have the reunion. This will actually increase the number of people who will show up.

The place where the reunion will be held should be identified early for the preparations to be made prior. Nearness of the venue to where the members live should not be too exaggerated since this may discourage most of them from turning up. The theme determines if the event will be appropriate either indoors or outdoors. In case the weather does not turn out as expected, then it is important to get a backup plan that will not be affected by the weather.

Interesting activities need to be organized in order to avoid boredom when the day comes. They should be planned in a way that will synchronize with the theme. Putting such information in the invite card is a good way of luring the family members to attend the event. Favorite and cherished dances or songs should follow a heritage theme.

The uniqueness of the invitation is what will sell the reunion. For the members to be present as a full house, it requires sacrifice of resources in order to make invite cards. They decide to show up just because the invite was inviting and catchy with a picture of a previous one. This will appeal emotionally to them.

For the case of equipment, the chairperson should be able to organize for the required equipment. This equipment may include as good sound system, film projectors, loud speakers, microphone and cameras. The main idea is to make this day memorable. Games should also be considered especially for younger generation.

When the reunion takes place, everyone wants to feel relaxed and at their comfort not forgetting that they want to be where there is fun. For this reason ball games are recommended during such an event since they tend to draw the attention and capture the interest of may therefore even new members will feel relaxed and mingle easily with the rest.

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