Sunday, November 8, 2015

Experience Real Beauty With Colorado Hot Air Balloon Rides

By Mattie Knight

Your dream of getting away from it all can become your reality with Colorado Hot Air Balloon Rides. Flying up and away into the skies surrounding the Rocky Mountain range is an awesome experience. Trips are available any time of the year. Even the winter months will give you an awesome flight complete with snow covered slopes. You can read all about your upcoming adventure at the Winter Park, CO websites.

It is a thrill to see a group of balloons preparing for flight. The enormous balloons display magnificent colors, each with a unique pattern. The sight is a geometric array of the colors of the rainbow. The excitement builds as passengers climb into the basket for take off. If the thought of sky diving has ever crossed your mind, this adventure could be a good place to start.

With its magnificent mountain ranges, the natural beauty of Colorado is unparalleled. The purity of winter, the colorful bloom of flowers and foliage in spring and the spectacular colors of fall, each has its own unique beauty. Seeing the beautiful landscapes from high above, it would be impossible to chose one season as the best.

Winter Park offers low flying balloon rides where passengers can see wildlife animals roaming free in their natural habitat. Everyone has heard of the Grand Canyon, but the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountain range is just as amazing. Most people are struck with awe at the magnificence of nature.

A pre flight champagne toast will set the mood. Seeing planet earth from this vantage point is not like anything you have experience before. This is an opportunity within the financial reach of most people. In fact, you may enjoy your first ride so much that you promptly book your second ride.

Ballooning combines art and science. Each flight has a pilot experienced and licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration. Passengers can be reassured that the pilot has the knowledge to provide a safe experience. The first take off is subject to the time of sunrise; the start of a new day when the air is crisp and clean.

Experienced sailors will understand the nature of wind. Ballooning uses wind to travel. Wind is the vehicle's fuel. Since wind is inherently unpredictable, there is no way to exactly predict the balloon's landing spot. Each flight is followed by a chase vehicle manned with an experienced crew. The crew will assist with the flight's landing and take the passengers back to the spot where the balloon took off. Passengers will need the ride back to their cars, and the chase vehicle is needed to transport the equipment back to the take off site.

There is no need to wait any longer to have this wonderful adventure. Reservations are available on the Winter Park websites. Imagine a magic carpet ride where you float through the sky taking in all the beauty that cannot be seen from a ground view. There is no reason to wait for a special occasion. Make the balloon ride the special occasion.

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