Friday, November 27, 2015

Factors To Consider When Choosing Antarctic Cruises From Ushuaia

By Brenda Warner

Antarctica is the last untouched continent left making it a desirable tourist destination for most holiday makers. However, planning a trip to Antarctica is a significant investment, not only for your hard earned money but also for the time. Most people usually spend several hours in front of their computers researching the best cruises in Antarctica. To assist you with this, below are some of the major factors you need to consider when looking for affordable Antarctic cruises from Ushuaia city.

Slightly over thirty seven thousand people visited Antarctica in the year 2010. All these people came from different corners of the world meaning they will be from different societies translating to different languages. Because of this, chances of language barrier arising will be very high. Because of this, you need to find a vessel that uses a language that you are comfortable with at its means of communication. For instance, if you are comfortable in English, then you should find a vessels that uses English. The same also applies to other languages like French, Portuguese, Germany and any other language.

Unless you are filthy rich, you will also want to compare quotes from at least three cruise companies before making a choice. This way, you will be able to unearth the best deal for your trip to Antarctica. This does not however mean that you should look for the cheapest vessel around. If anything, you should try to avoided cruises whose charges are too low to be true. This could mean that they are not all that reputable.

Safety is another very important factor that you cannot afford to ignore. Most people usually go to such ventures as a family which can be very dangerous in case of an accident. In order to be on the safe side, you should only use cruise companies that are insured. This will not only ensure that the cruise is well maintained but also ensure that your dependents will be compensated in case of an accident.

If you really want to enjoy your first visit to Antarctica, you should choose an expedition ship that carries less than two hundred people. Of course anybody who is traveling to this little known continent will want to go ashore and experience the incredible wildlife- the sea lions, thousands of penguins not to mention the unique scenery. So, while a large cruise may offer large amenities, they lack the ability to provide you firsthand experience.

The cruise company you choose should also boast of a wealth of experience when it comes to shipping people to Antarctica. Apart from the number of years that the company has been in operation, they should also have a talented and dedicated expedition team. While such a company might demand more in terms of cruise fee, they will surely offer you value for your money in return.

The time you intend to travel is also very crucial. While there is no best time to visit Antarctica, there are differences on what you might see depending on when you travel. For instance, if you want to see penguin chicks, the best time to travel would be early in the season.

A trip to Antarctica is usually very costly. As such, when you decide to venture into it, it would be important to do everything possible to make sure that all is well. This even includes starting the preparation several months in advance.

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