Sunday, November 15, 2015

First Time Tips On Balloon Rides Colorado

By Mattie Knight

There is nothing quite memorable like an early morning hot air balloon ride. Looking towards the horizon, the sun is rising and displaying its bright orange rays. Looking down you see the majestic scenery below that will astound you. If you are planning to board a hot air balloon, prepare yourself psychologically and enjoy balloon rides Colorado. The experience is nice and one that will not be easily forgotten. The journey is smooth and gentle. It has no turbulence. Winter Park, CO, has some of the best scenery. Below are some hints on what to expect.

Cost varies depending on the type of ride you book. Private ones are more expensive. These will see you part with about seven fifty to eight hundred dollars. A public one costs between two hundred and three hundred dollars. Added costs include tipping the crew.

Perhaps the biggest factor affecting balloon rides is Mother Nature. No flights will occur during adverse weather conditions and changes like wind and rain. This is because such conditions are prone to cause accidents by interfering with the balloon mechanics. The balloon flows in the direction of the wind. The weather also affects flight dates and times. These are subject to constant changes as and when needed. Therefore, there are no fixed dates.

The basket is not large and usually holds about 12 people for a public ride. A private ride is dependent on the booking made and packages available. For example, if you are on honeymoon, you tend to be the only passengers on the flight. The basket mainly offers standing room unless other special arrangements are made prior to the flight.

Choose what you are going to wear carefully. The burners and flames, inflating the balloon, make the whole basket hot. Due to this, make sure to wear something light. You do not want to start undressing in front of kids or pass out from the heat. The ride should be an enjoyable one.

Launches are breathtaking. Unlike airplanes that can leave you nauseated, a balloon gently, and gradually, takes off from the ground. All passengers must be inside the basket safely before the pilot initiates takeoff. It feels peaceful and graceful. The basket remains steady as it flows with the wind. It is stable enough for any movement inside. Beware of your cameras and phones falling to the ground. If possible find a good strap to safeguard them.

Unlike takeoff, which is smooth and uneventful, landing is the opposite. It is not exactly given where and how the landing will be. Listen to the instructions of the pilot and follow them. The balloon falls horizontally and is stopped by the ground. You might fall onto one another so if you have kids on board put them at the front so that they are not stamped on.

At the end of the flight, it is normal to take a glass of champagne to commemorate the wonderful experience. Make sure you have captured some memories on camera. If you enjoyed yourself then invite others to try it.

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