Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How Businesses Benefit From RFID Key Cards

By Brenda Warner

In business, its all about security, not only for asset protection, but for customers as well. The many advances in our world have taken us on a path to greatness. The latest technology proves that it is moving fast and recent developments prove it. Now, businesses can enjoy greater security by using RFID key cards to ensure that their buildings are secure, and their customers as well as employees are safe.

RFID stands for radio frequency identification. This type of technology is different from the magnetic stripe key cards and computer chip cards on the market, they are quickly fading in the background in the wake of RFID technology. The advantages of using the newer locking system are many.

One of the primary advantages is that it offers greater security to hotel guests and others in business that need to make sure that their premises are safe and secure from illegal entry. This system uses radio frequency identification to lock and unlock doors or other mechanisms. The card is programmed to control the locking system when it is placed in proximity to it. There is no need to swipe or place the card within the locking system itself, it just has to be near it to read it.

The radio frequency that is encoded will match and the lock disengages upon successful presentation of the card key. This is refined keyless entry at its best. There is no physical contact with the lock which saves on wear and tear of the mechanism. Also, there are no issues with the card being unreadable as with magnetic and computer chip card readers.

Hotel guests can go about their day away knowing that their room is secure from unwanted entry. It gives guests peace of mind and the hotel possibly gains a lifetime customer. The idea of keyless entry has the benefit of amazing the hotel guests. It is the latest technology and people like the idea of being the first to experience new technologies.

Many businesses and hotels are in the process of updating their locking systems to RFID technology. This method is quickly becoming a standard among the industry. Many are now employing this technology in the workplace, in factories, warehouses, and government buildings as well as hotels. It is the best system of keyless entry on the market today.

Not only to businesses save money, maintenance is reduced as well. There is no need to replace locks or card keys due to malfunctions. This saves time since maintenance is not tied up changing locks or dealing with card keys not working. Their services can be used elsewhere within the business that requires more attention.

Technology is always progressing toward better and more refined ways of doing things. As society and business quickly adapt to newer technologies, there is always something better that comes along to replace the standard methods. As a business grows and develops over time, RFID technology is paving the way for more security on a budget, and this spells profits for businesses everywhere.

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