Thursday, November 26, 2015

How Fleur De Lis Hotel Can Improve Customer Experience

By Brenda Warner

Customers want the best experience during their vacation. The general idea is to get the best service and enjoy your holiday. There are very many places that people can choose to go for their holiday. This could be going on safari, visiting a game reserve, going to the beach, visiting a ranch or even going to the country. With all these competing vacation places, it is a good idea to have the best customer services as a destination facility to attract business. The Fleur De Lis Hotel is one of these great vacation destination areas. Some things that improve customer satisfaction include the following.

The hotel should do an extensive market research. This includes products offered by close competing industry players as well as their marketing campaigns and prices. This will give it an inkling of what is available in the market, what works and what does not. It should ensure that it has a great communication process in place especially when offering or experimenting with new products.

As a hotel, do not try to offer every service to everyone. It is good to isolate a certain product market and offer the best services to them. For example, you could only offer services to honeymooners and couples without kids. This will increase the number of exclusive products to them. Another great market is family vacations products.

Have some surprise products for the guests. This could be anything from a simple serenade to an all expenses paid package special offered by the hotel. However, the surprise need not be expensive or even big. Simplicity can be pleasant too. Just do something different and pleasant. This will be highly appreciated by your customers.

Offer the guests solutions to their problem before they even realize that they had one. A good example is, if the market closes early or is difficult to find, offer them a free ride to and fro the place. This will establish a good rapport with them during the entire stay. Include free internet access and DIY laundry services.

Make payments easy for the customers. Simplify payments by accepting all methods of payment. Accept major credit cards like American Express, Visa and MasterCard. Accept other options like PayPal and personal checks. Some types of payments are popular to a certain class of clients for example most business travelers use American Express card.

Have a good brand personality that customers relate to. This could be anyone from the manager to the customer service person. This personality can spend time talking to clients and taking photos. In addition, create a bulletin board for comments, photos and guest stories. Make sure to collect all input to help improve future service.

Make an excellent online platform to interact with customers and other online users. This can be an excellent chance to market products and services. Respond to all comments, complaints and questions. Social media is a great opportunity to reach potential customers and reach wider audience. Ensure that you have excellent ratings on sites like TripAdvisor.

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