Sunday, November 22, 2015

Issues Encountered In Running Restaurants On Haida Gwaii Islands

By Marci Nielsen

The hospitality industry is rewarding but it is also laden with many risks. You have to be keen on details and the competition is stiff. According to research, many businesses fail in their first year. Read on to know more about the challenges you will face in operating restaurants on Haida Gwaii Islands.

It is challenging to come up with the menu. You ought to ensure that it is balanced. The theme brought out when developing it should be coherent. Do not offer few items and the dishes should be appropriately priced too. However, if you cannot offer many things because of financial constraints or lack of appropriate staffs, you can focus on a small number of meals but do them very well.

The meals made should be considered extensively too. Each meal calls for special ingredients. The cooking resources are not the same. Offering too many items is also costly. It will take long to make the items and thus the clients will have to wait for a while before getting the meal.

Poor services are the leading cause of business failure. Remember that the client makes a decision on whether to come back or not depending on what he or he has experienced on the initial visit. If you mess this up then it will be your loss. Thus, you should select your receptionists, waitresses and waiters keenly. They ought to be good at communicating with the clients. Do not think that delightful ambiance and great table setting will appeal to the customers if customer service is poor.

You should come up with unique services to entice the customers to keep on coming back. However, this will take some time to develop. However, remember to prepare tasty meals and provide excellent services. To note is that this is not considered to be unique. You are expected to do so. Nonetheless, you should serve the customers in such a way that they will never forget their experiences there.

However, your idea should be original. It needs to be better than superb service and food. This is what the customer will remember after spending time in your restaurant. If they are impressed, it will be communicated to other potential customers. Word of mouth is a great marketing strategy. However, it is only possible if you impress the clients.

Mismanagement is another issue in restaurants. You should know the ins and outs of analyzing the enterprise so that you can compute the profits and losses accrued. This is a problem especially in the small restaurants because they are so wrapped in the events of the day. Checking the financial books is not a priority to them. However, this is very wrong. You need to know the most preferred meal and make much of it. In addition, you should come up with a daily budget and adhere to it.

Another challenge in this kind of business is recruiting and training the workers. This is very important but many restaurant owners do not give it a lot of consideration. Even graduates need training which has being tailored to fit the needs of the business. Remember that if your workers are not well qualified the business will not perform well.

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