Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mark Your Special Day With Colorado Balloon Rides

By Mattie Knight

Marriage proposals, weddings and funerals are some of life's milestones. Make your milestones even more meaningful with Colorado Balloon Rides. Picture the romance of asking that special someone for his or her hand in marriage. Imagine the thrill of truly being swept off your feet with an up in the air wedding date. Life's milestones can be even more memorable with this kind of magic carpet ride.

That special person in your life will really be impressed with a marriage proposal that takes place in mid air. This is truly a holistic experience, which reminds us all that we should be one with our environment. Imagine the thrill of hearing your loved one accept your proposal as you share the adventure of the ride. The story of this proposal will be told and retold for generations to come.

The same couple might also decide to have the wedding with a hot air balloon ride. Some couples opt to say their vows on land and then take the ride in a basket festooned with a big sign that says Just Married. Surprisingly, some baskets can accommodate up to seventy five passengers. More than enough for a small wedding up in the air that is sure to be an intimate affair.

If a friend or family member who loved nature recently passed, this is a unique way to honor their life. A Winter Park, CO, ride is a spectacular way to scatter the deceased's ashes. Commemorating a life in this manner makes for an honorable day that respects the deceased and their appreciation of nature. Family members have the choice of holding a memorial service only or the complete funeral service. A balloon ride is a great way to start a wake that may continue long after the ride is over.

This may be the start of a family tradition for couples who get engaged or married ballooning through the sky. Young families often have a way of growing. Future children and grandchildren will gladly carry on the tradition for generations to come. Winter Park, CO, is well equipped to handle these events, which will include phenomenal views of the mountains in all their glory.

A look into the couple's future may show the family expanding with children and in years to come, grandchildren. The minimum age for passengers is four years old. So it will not be long before the children can become a part of the action. This is a wonderful way to introduce children to the beauty and inspiration of nature.

A birthday is always an opportunity to grab a ride high in the sky. This makes for one great birthday party for all your guests. Sometimes people need a little push to do the things they have dreamed about for years. A birthday party could be that gentle push to a new adventure.

Regardless of the occasion, a ride in a hot air balloon promises adventure and great memories. Locations such as Winter Park have so much to offer. Passengers can view the unique beauty of each of the seasons, see wild animals running across the Continental Divide and enjoy the freedom of truly getting away for the problems of every day life. Everyone should make adventure a part of life. These special times give people the strength and energy to make every day better. Have an awesome ride that you will never forget.

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