Saturday, November 21, 2015

Millisle Top Tourist Sights

By Jonny Blair

Millisle in Northern Ireland is worth a trip for any tourist. This is a pure fire village of deep intensity and deserves to be seen, it is close to the town of Donaghadee and just a bit further along the Ards peninsula than Bangor or Groomsport. Belfast is the Northern Irish capital city and you can fly into the airport there ready to explore Millisle. Here in Millisle while backpacking through it, you will get nice views and a classic windmill

The Windmill is worth checking out for its artistic charm. Top sights to look out for:

- The massive Church in Millisle - Abbey Villa Football Club stadium - The Windmill at Ballycopeland and the information kiosk with it

- Millisle Lagoon and Beach Park - Millisle Beach - St. Patrick's Church

- The Presbyterian Religious building in the village - A building which houses a jail type college for the people in Northern Ireland - The First & Last local public house

- Millisle Young Offender's Residence

- 12th July Lodges go from the main Orange Hall in Millisle

- An Airfield strip but no airport and this one is incomplete

- The wee farm area on the Road by Woburn

- Eden Pottery Centre and Cafe

Two thousand and three hundred people live in Millisle

Best locations to sleep in:

- A really awesome park where you can put up a tent, campervan or even a caravan

- A big house in the country

- Ocean water drifting in

- Ballywhiskin Caravan Park

Head to the "First & Last" public house for a local beer and a bite

You can grab some decent fish and chips in Millisle

For coffee, tea and handmake crafts - pottery, crockery etc. head to "Eden Pottery"

Some of the villages unknown facts:

- Some people of Jewish origin once came here as protection during the wars

- Millisle is one of few villages that doesn't have any political wall murals relating to the ongoing troubles in Northern Ireland.

Moving from one place to another:

- There are bus services to and from Belfast including the 10A and 7B. Most of these go to the main street in the village.

People that are well known from the Millisle region:

- James Antiseptic

- Dave Boy McSweeney

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