Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Summer Hotspots In Croatia You May Not Know About

By Jonny Blair

Croatia is a perfect destination for summer holidays and it attracts a great number of tourists each year with its over 1000 picturesque islands and gorgeous Adriatic coastline. There are plenty attractions, entertainments and places for relaxation in this friendly to tourists region. Along with the beaches, Croatia offers a lot of outdoor activities for young and old adventurers.

Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Rivinj - these are only some of the Croatian hotspots that should be included in your summer holiday. But this is not all, as the uncountable exotic Croatian islands are going to make your trip unforgettable.

The first hotspot to stop in Croatia is the capital city of Zagreb, which offers many cultural monuments, countless museums and other significant sights. Visit Mimara Museum to see various artifacts from the ancient times, and walk to the old town called Gornji Grad to see the impressive Neo-Gothic cathedral St. Stephen. Buy many souvenirs or other things on the Dolmac market, where you can meet locals.

Local people are proud with the beauty of Dubrovnik, with its Baroque architecture, marble streets and fine beaches. Not without reason it is called the "Peal of the Adriatic" and becomes one of the most popular Croatian hotspots.

Split is another tourist destination for many holidaymakers who prefer this large seaside city as best starting point to the Dalmatian islands. The city itself has a lot to offer to its guests, but the most prominent attraction here is the Diocletian's Palace that should be necessarily visited before you leave this place.

Have you ever heard about the "Sun Island of Croatia"? If you still do not, you should necessarily visit Hvar, a wonderful island that becomes more and more popular each and every year. This sunny island is long 67 kilometres and offers wonderful beaches where tourists can enjoy the Adriatic Sea. The weather is mild and allows tourists to come and rest here until the beginning of the winter season, enjoying the sun and beaches even in autumn and spring. The hospitable Hvar has a lot of surprises for its guests, such as pebbly beaches and rocky coastline, Croatian atoll, secluded coves, vineyards, olive groves, etc.

Croatia can offer a great diversity to the foreigners, who choose to come here for their summer holiday. They can visit a lot of beautiful places like the city of Bol that provides a lot of attractions and splendid beaches; Spadici, a fantastic place for sport lovers who can take advantage of all sports facilities, located here, while women enjoy the sunny beaches and shopping opportunities of this small town; Rivinj, another beautiful town with a lot of architectural attractions and different sights, as well as a lonely island of Makarsa, where the tourists will be astonished by the beautiful combination of sea and mountains.

If you would like to have a memorable and beneficial summer vacation, to learn a lot of new things about the history and traditions of a different country, to see some of the most attractive sights in the region and to take advantage of the beautiful Adriatic beaches at cheaper price, choose the country of Croatia for your holiday destination. All the treasures and fantastic adventures of this country await young and old adventurers from all around the world.

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