Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Merits Of Using Custom Hotel Key Cards

By Mattie Knight

Key cards have caused a revolution in the commercial industry. Many hotels, motels and lodges use these cards in locking their rooms. They also use them as marketing tools because plenty of information about the hotel and other businesses paying for advertising space on the key card can be showcased to clients. This equipment has also seen great improvements in security being witnessed with its use. There are many merits that custom hotel key cards bring to you and your business. This article seeks to look at a number of them.

Keycards help greatly in saving time. The equipment is used to store data about your guests electronically. They are encoded to give staff, members, visitors and guests easy access to the designated areas such as motel rooms, office centers, gym, elevators and other areas with unrestricted access; just by swiping their card. Swiping the keys makes it easy and fast for clients to open and lock the doors behind them.

The keycards have come to provide security in unrestricted areas better than was with the traditional systems. These keys are developed to be compatible with different locking systems. Developers in the manufacturing industry have worked to deliver keycards that are compatible with major locking systems. Customization can help you to be provided with keys that can fit into your system, even if there are no keycards currently compatible with your locking system.

High level of encryption with key cards has provided safety to the storage of visitor information on them. The 1K chip is mostly used by manufacturers because it provides high level of encryption that hackers cannot pass through. These chips also transmit high frequency enabling the card to provide quick reads and accuracy.

This gear is also highly used as a marketing tool. Traditional keys provide no room or space for advertisement. Keycards are advertisement tools for your hotel, business and even a marketing tool for other local businesses around your area. Every guest in a hotel passes through the door twice or more times a day. By branding the keycard with a custom design that markets some information, a guest is most likely to read through it and consult for the services or buy the goods marketed.

You can brand a card with information about neighborhood organizations, eateries, taxi administrations and other local services. This data will give your visitor an insight of the region. You can choose to advertise the image of your motel or hotel on it, publicize your services and even direct customers to your other different organizations with it.

Offering space on your keycards for local businesses to advertise their services can earn you additional revenue. The local businesses can in turn draw new customers to their premises. This boosts the local economy.

There are many benefits that keycards can provide to businesses. Customization will enable you to get a specific, unique and attractive design of a keycard that only matches your hotel. Get one now and enjoy these benefits.

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